Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I wish I could take a picture of my phone screen, but I am not, yet, that tech saavy. I wanted to share a text conversation that I had with Sydney on December 29th...

Me: What are your plans for the day/night?
Sydney: Nothing! Anything that you've planned?
Me: Dinner at home... Steaks... Inception.
Sydney: Sounds good! don't use the "..." It seems almost creepy
Me: What is creepy about "..."? I do much creepier things on a regular basis!
Me: ...
Sydney: See! Very creepy


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LawHacker316 said...

Laughed out loud at this post. (I hope I'm allowed to type that out; I'm too old to lol).

What cracked me up, though, was that on my first reading my mind first read the "steaks...inception" portion as if after dinner you would actually be performing the act of planting an idea in an unsuspecting person's mind.

I subsequently adjusted my interpretation, given the context, but I must say I enjoy my initial reading more.