Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little St. Patty's Day Humor

This morning, I went into Sydney & Reilly's rooms as they were getting dressed. I had to remind them that it was St. Pat's Day & to put on something green.
I also gave them a bit of parental advice... reminding them of my experiences with the holiday as a child.
"Whatever you do, don't ask a boy who's not wearing green, why he's not wearing green. When I was younger, I did that and the boys would often say, 'I'm wearing green. You just can't see it.' Then, they would show me a piece of their underwear."
The girls thought this was hilarious.
I then made my way to Griffin's room. He was standing by his closet, dressed all in blue. I said, "Don't you know what today is? You should be wearing green."
Griff pulled up his shirt, which exposed the waistband of his green shamrock boxers.

I guess some things never change;)


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Adoption Momma said...

I guess we know the answer to the question now: Boxers or briefs? :)

Terri and Bob said...

I wore green underwear too! Maybe its not just the boys!