Sunday, November 01, 2009

We Survived Halloween!

Last night was pretty chaotic, but we survived another Halloween.
Reilly dressed as a cowgirl and went over to Deidre's house, where they helped with a haunted yard & attended a haunted garage. She had a blast, but was a little traumatized over the fact that a little boy had his bag of candy stolen by a couple of older boys. While she did not witness the incident, she did see the little guy crying hysterically and being led away by his mother.
HH took Griff trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, nobody got that he was a "nerdy" baseball player, so he had to revise his costume half-way thru the evening. His favorite treat was a can of Sprite. I'm sure HH would have sprung for a case of the stuff, if Griff would have agreed to forgo the 2 1/2 mile trek in the cold.
Sydney, attended a party in the neighborhood. HH & Griff walked her over at around 6:45. When I talked to HH later, he asked me if I knew that boys were going to be there. I had to remind him that Sydney IS 15 years old and is in the 9th grade. It was pretty funny. He also said that the house at the end of the party cul-de-sac had a huge screen with a football game playing on it. I'm sure that he & Griff hung around there for a while!
I picked Syd up at around 11:30. I was amazed at the set up... kids were sitting around a huge fire pit. There were tables covered with candles and food and The Shining was playing on a huge screen in the garage. The garage walls were covered with flouressant graffiti. I was pretty impressed with the set up!
I spent the evening volunteering in the youth area at my church with Deidre's parents, Julie and Scott. There were very few kids, so we took them up to the gym where they played games.
Anyway, after church, I picked up Arby's and headed home to eat a late dinner with my boys.
Just think... only 8 more weeks until Christmas!


Alpha Dude said...

You guys are the coolest!!

Love the feet!


Stephanie Snowe said...

I totally got that he was a nerdy baseball player! :)