Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pick Up Lines

I walked into the kitchen this evening, to find the girls deep in conversation.
Sydney saw me and quickly said, "Quick, tell us who has the best pick up line".

Sydney's pick up line: You must be a book, 'cause I'm checking you out!

Reilly's pick up line: Did you just break wind? 'Cause you're blowing me away!

Personally, (if I weren't married & I was into the cheesey pick up line thing) I think I would prefer hearing Sydney's line.
Reilly's delivery was much smoother, though. And, she had motions... always a plus, in my book.
I was unable to come up with a winner, so I'm leaving it up to you.
Please comment and let me know which of these pick up lines is your favorite!
If you know a funnier one, leave that as well:)


Anonymous said...

haha Both made me laugh.

I think though Sydneys would probably get my attention more. At the very least it would give the guy a few more minutes of my attention. ;P

Alpha Dude said...

Gotta go with the fart line.

That one cracked me up so bad I almost fell out of my chair.