Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fall Fun


SOUL: said...

great pix !
you need to do the phot challenge thing-- i spose i need to post the link for that eh? i'll do that later.
you don't 'win' anything-- but it's fun.

that is a HUGE pumpkin-- is that for your house?
we haven't got one yet-- but will.
you don't even wanna know what my kid want-ed , to carve into it. i bet you guess-- if you really tried-- and remembered her sense of humor.... hahaha

anyhow-- i obviously said NO.

hope you have a happy day.

ps -- lovved all the pix-- but you know i really like the one of griff and friend by the creek.. does he fish yet? get that boy a rod and reel -- i know there's fish in that water .. i'm jealous too. :)0


SOUL: said...

that would be photO -- ugh.