Thursday, October 01, 2009

Directionally Challenged

I am directionally challenged.
I cannot read a map to save my life.
I cannot follow step-by-step directions from Map Quest.
And, after 20 some years of driving to my grandparent's house in Springfield, which is 3 hours away, I am unable to successfully navigate myself to their place without a myriad of phone calls to my parents. This frustrates my father, to no end.
And me, for that matter.

Two Fridays ago, I had to drive Griffin to a Tae Kwon Do tournament in Springfield. HH was unable to go along, because he was taking Reilly to a soccer tourney on the opposite side of the state.
I took Griff out of school at 12:30 so that we could make it a leisurely drive and then stop by my grandparent's house before his scheduled events at 6:00.
It didn't quite happen that way.
First of all, we made a pit stop at the lake (about 1/12 hours away) so that I could run into a couple of outlet stores. Griff was not too happy about this, but complied.
As we were getting back into our vehicle, he casually asked, "Mom, where is my uniform?"
I panicked. I had forgotten his uniform. Griff & HH had placed it beside his bag by the door & I totally missed it.
I picked up my cell to call HH and realized that I had low battery. I did not own a car charger, so this was a problem.
I made a couple of frantic phone calls to one of our TKD instructors and then called HH. He was rightfully ticked, but agreed to meet me half way to deliver the uniform.
So, Griff and I drove 45 minutes back to JC to meet HH.
When we finally made it back to the lake, we spotted a Sprint store, stopped & made a quick purchase.
Thank God, because I truly needed my phone once we finally hit Springfield at about 5:40.
I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I made a wrong turn somewhere and had absoulutely no idea where we were. I called my parents, who were able to point me in the right direction. Griff was a mess. He was afraid he was going to miss his event.
My dad was pissed. He couldn't understand how I could get lost AGAIN. I was a nervous wreck, just because the day had been such a disaster.
Luckily, we made it on time. The tourney was running behind and Griff was able to get himself together before his events.
My Grandfather met us at the site (which was only 1 1/2 miles from his house) and we watched Griff place 1st in Creative Forms & Creative Weapons. There were only 2 other kids in his ring, but he was excited because he had never competed in this division.
We spent the night with my grandparents and then headed back to the tourney at 11:00 the next day. We knew that he would have a much tougher time placing. We were right. He had 10 other boys in his ring.
He placed 1st in forms, 2nd in weapons and 2nd in sparring. I was so proud of him, and he was pretty proud of himself.
I haven't even gone into the drama leading up to the tourney. He almost was not able to compete because of some attitude issues. He worked hard, though, and followed directions & instructions. I think this made the victories even sweeter.

Anyway, we made it home without any major mishaps.
Only two more weeks before I have to make the drive again. Reilly has to be there for a soccer tourney.
I just know that I can do it this time without getting lost.
Famous last words, right???


CrazyDeb said...

Congrats Griff!!!!! That's absolutely fantastic!!

E, everyone has something they struggle with and for you it's directions. Wish I could be there to go with you - not that I'd be that much help. LOL

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Yay Griffin! Awesome!

Hmm... your day sounds exactly like how one of mine might go. I feel ya, girl.

Midwest Nest said...

Sounds like a GPS gift for Christmas would be in order!