Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's Under Your Bed?

About a week ago, I thoroughly cleaned my bedroom.
I tried to touch on every single area, which was no small feat.
I dusted the crown molding, the top of the armoir, the ceiling fan... all of the surfaces that are ignored during weekly (monthly) cleaning ventures.
I had Griff help me remove the mattress and boxsprings, so that I could vacuum under my bed.
This is what I found...

Do you see the Easter candy wrappers?
Yeah, I'm going to have to talk to the kids about that;)

What items do you have lurking under your bed?


SOUL: said...

so far i'm lucky-- we just moved-- so nothing yet.

the target you mentioned? i'm ready! more than ready. which way do i go?

i found a whole unwrapped chocolate Easter bunny when we moved-- if that's any consolation. (yes- i did throw it away. :))

have a happy day-

Terri and Bob said...

(this is why I LOVE coming here..)

But really, first you ask me to believe you were DEEP CLEANING your house, then you expect me to believe it was YOUR KIDS who had the easter candy wrapper under the bed. I am not so easily fooled.


Adoption Momma said...

I've got dibs on the candy!

SOUL: said...

just sayin howdy---
it's almost the weekend-- or maybe it is the weekend. i don't even know anymore. whatever it is -- have a good one!

SOUL: said...

oh-- as for what's under my bed?
today, i think it might be ME.
i'm tired of everything--and i think i'll hide from the world.
but "i got no place else to go".

*~* Jenni *~* said...

My bed is pretty clean underneath, but only because we just bought a new mattress, etc so cleaning under it was a necessity.

My son, on the other hand? When we moved out of our old house, I was the lucky one that managed to find THREE rotten apple cores under his bed... molded to the point of being a health hazard.

Our only consolation was the fact that at least we knew he was eating fruit, and not just living on Cheetos.