Monday, August 17, 2009


Exactly a week ago, Syd started complaining of a headache and neck pain.
She was popping IBUprofen like it was candy.
Last Wednesday night, she served communion at church. Once home, she put on flannel pj pants and a fleece sweatshirt and crawled into my bed, under the down comforter and fell fast asleep.
At 11:30, she threw off the covers and began disrobing. She had a 103.2 degree fever.
Never google illnesses in the middle of the night.
HH was in Dallas on business, so I called and woke him up. He had to talk me out of taking her to the emergency room. He also told me to stay off the computer;)
The next morning, I dragged my sick daughter to her pediatrician's office. I was sure she had Menengitis.
Luckily, I was wrong.
Sydney's doctor checked her out, swabbed her throat for Strep, ruled out Menengitis and told us that she thought the illness was probably viral.
Sydney spent the next day and a half in bed, running a 102-103 degree fever.
I phoned HH's dad (a physician in JC) on Friday night to get his opinion.
He encouraged me to take her back in on Saturday morning and have them do a blood workup (forgot what it's called) and suggested a few other things that the doctor should check.
I took Sydney back to the pediatrician on Saturday morning. The doctor on call ordered several blood tests. After the blood was drawn, Syd turned white as a sheet. The technician and I caught her before she hit the floor. She's a fainter... just like her mother:o
Final diagnosis: MONONUCLEOSIS
It's been over a week. Sydney's still in bed and still running a 102 degree fever. Because she is so weak, we are afraid to leave her alone.
She's probably going to miss the first few days of school and she's definitely going to miss a large portion of her soccer season.
I feel so bad for my little girl.


Terri and Bob said...

Oh wow. What a thing to go through. I hear that makes you really really tired once the fever breaks. I feel sorry for you, too, having a sick kid is a lot of work. I hope she gets better quickly!

SOUL: said...

dr google is the devil :))

hope syd get better real soon

Karla and Ben said...

Poor girl! I hope she feels better soon.

Alpha Dude said...


Hope she's better real soon.