Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Sports: A Break From Our Vacation Photos

Since my camera has been out-of-commission for the past couple of months, my heart has not been into sharing our summer's activities. To tell you the truth, I've felt kind of lost at the sporting events... like I'm missing an arm, or something. Instead of moving around and getting in people's way (all in the name of getting the perfect shot), I've had to sit (like a normal person) and actually watch the action. This is a difficult feat for a nonmedicated ADHD adult:)
We've spent a majority of our summer evenings at the ball park. Reilly opted out of competative softball this year, and decided to stick just with little league. It's been fun to watch her enjoy the game again. It's also been nice having our weekends free from traveling and a little extra money in our wallets. This weekend, she will be playing in the All-Star games which, luckily, are in our home town.
Griffin, has also had a ball (no pun intended) with his team. Though, he was hit by a few pitches early in the season, and subsequently jumped out of the box every single time he was at bat, he looked forward to every single game. They even allowed him to pitch a few innings, which made his entire season!!!

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Terri and Bob said...

Boo hoo about the camera. I would have been really bummed.

I am glad you got to have a slower paced summer. Doesn't the summer seem to be lasting longer?