Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birthday & Baseball

Reilly spent her 13th birthday at the little league fields playing in her second district All Star game.
I was really glad that they won (12-2), as it would have not been cool. Reilly pitched a great time, and scored 3 runs.
After the game, the team sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She hates being the center of attention (outside of the family), so I'm sure it was pretty much torture for her, as her head was down the entire time. How in the world did I give birth to a child that does not crave constant attention?
Her team won the first game (I forgot the score), but lost 1-5 (to that same team)in the championship game. The girls were truly upset with the outcome. They were hoping to make it to state.
I guess, there's always next year...

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Terri and Bob said...

Those are such great pictures. Darla looks amazing. I am so jealous of her!

I cannot imagine not wanting to be the center of attention. It is why I am the principal.