Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Happy MEME

I was over at Lakewood Manor a few days ago, and saw that Terri had tagged me for this MEME. I absolutely love her blog, and am hoping that she will be able to open it back up to the public at some point!!

What makes me happy is:

1. A camera that's not broken (sending it back to Nikon for the 2nd time this month... I'm praying they can fix it)
2. My blue decided TKD belt (thank God I made it through my form at testing without any major freezes or mishaps)
3. The campfire smell that is permeating Sydney's room & hair (even after 2 showers)
4. Sleeping late
5. A certain puppy pooping outside, as opposed to under the baby swing in my bedroom
6. Ovaltine (my new favorite drink, thanks to the Mattsons)
7. Listening to my husband sing along to country songs on the radio
8. Tick bites that are finally starting to heal after a month & a half
9. The movie Mall Cop
10. "Will It Blend?" (A funny opener that they do with the youth at my church before every service)
11. A friend who will look when I try to show her my stretch marks and the fat protruding out my swimsuit (ahem, Julie)
12. The Minute Maid Enhanced Boost Commercial

Now, I'm supposed to pass this onto 6 other people, but as you can see, I don't follow directions very well. I'd like to see what the following would say....
Alpha Dude at The World As Observed By... Me
Karla at Bringin' Up the Kaz Kid
Janelle at Dandelion Dayz
C.A. at Little Dynamite
Rose at Maggie Rose & Jack
Janet at Picklejoos & Peanut Butter
Alicia at The Casady Clan
B. at Soul Survivor
Angie at Wild Goose Chase
Audrey at Spicey Sour Salty Sweet
N. at Woo-Hoo

Let me know if you choose to participate! I'd love to read your lists!


SOUL: said...

hey you-- it's been an eventful evening here on the homefront-- so i just wanted to let ya know i will grab this tomorrow. k.
i just remembered you asked me somethin but i forgot what it was-- i'll get to that in the mo'nin too.
g'night :))

SOUL: said...

oh ps-- tell griffin to watch the mail.

Ashley and Eric said...

Great list! I thought that was a fun thing my mom tagged us for! We enjoy it when a certain puppy poops outside too! hahaha

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I love Mall Cop, too!!! So funny.
Happy happy happy when the puppy poops outside.

Okay, going to my blog to do the meme! Thanks for including me!!

congrats on your belt! I'm actually enrolling my L in TKD this week. He is soooo excited.

SOUL: said...

ooooops--- i forgot--- i'll do it - perhaps now would be a good time-- seein as it has been yet another eventful evening on the homefront. ugh.

bury em at 12 and dig em up when they're 20, that's my motto.


SOUL: said...

oh hellP me. i just did this thing-- just before i posted it-- i got this feeling-- "i think i DID do this"-- so i go back several posts, and what do i find? yep--- the happy meme.


how i wish i had a brain.
guess i'll save it for a rainy day.
hope y'all are havin fun.. what beach is that???