Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hallmark, Here He Comes...

The night before Sydney left on her trip, Griffin had suggested to Reilly that they should each write her a letter. I guess he was hoping that she would be less homesick while away, if she had a little something to read from home. I was a little surprised at this, but didn't give it too much thought.
When Sydney arrived home last night and was unpacking some of her things, I noticed two crumpled letters sitting on the kitchen counter. Being the nosy mom that I am, I opened each of them up and read them.
I got the biggest kick out of Griff's. I have to say that he may want to consider a career with Hallmark...

Dear Sydney,
Thank for all you do for me. I know we don't get along but you make me who I am. You do things that I never had the courouge to do. You make me a beter person. I love you so so so so so so so so so much. We will miss you very much. have an amazing trip. love you bye.
your brother
P.S. Sorry if I spelled brothor rogne.
love you

Were'nt you just waiting for him to say, "You complete me?" My mom was;)

Reilly's letter was a bit more predictable...

Dear Sydney,
I hope you have a great week in Colorado! I am sure going to miss you, and I'm sure you'll miss me too! You're a great sister and I'm not sure how this week is going to turn out without you here.
I'll miss you! 'sniff, sniff'
Love you!

P.S. Good luck camping!

I'm definitely going to save these letters. We've got a long two months of summer break ahead of us, and I plan on pulling these out as a reminder, whenever they're on each other's last nerve;)

On another note, the last day of school, 2 weeks ago, was my last day with Baby Liam. I'm so sad that his family is moving two hours away. I'm already missing this little guy a ton! Guess I'll have to see if I can borrow him for a day before they leave and get one last Liam fix:)


Terri and Bob said...

Yes, those are definitely keepers. I know my mom would have loved to have proof that my siblings and I "liked" each other!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Yeah - keepers for sure. That Griffin sure is a cutie pie. I could hug him after seeing that letter. Boys are just sweet!