Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dang, It's Cold & Naked Dave

HH was in KC all weekend with Sydney for a soccer tournament. Griffin, Reilly & I stayed behind and worked around the house.
We mulched the front & sides of the yard... I've got the blisters to prove it! We also braved the cold water at our neighborhood pool. Well, the kids went for a swim... I sat in my chair and watched, as I refuse to stick one foot in the water until July.
We also joined my friend, Julie & her family for dinner on Friday night at Cooper's Landing. Naked Dave & The Blue Cats were playing & we enjoyed BBQ & Thai food.
The highlight of the night, though, was the people watching. There was a girl in braids, who the kids endearingly nicknamed "Sacajawea". She definitely marched (danced) to the beat of her own drum. She even broke out some of her yoga moves at one point:o
Fun times!!!


Karla and Ben said...

I thought this post was going in an entirely different direction with the pool pictures and the promise of a "naked dave"...

I'm with you... no swimming until July!

SOUL: said...

i was lookin for nekkid dave too--whoever he is. maybe it's a good thing i didn't find him.
sounds like a great time though.
why do kids have to look pouty--even when you know they're havin fun?
mine should get paid for that trait.
or pay ME, one. :))
happy almost friday-