Monday, April 27, 2009

Rest In Peace, Mugs

My Aunt Debbie's pug, Mugsy, passed away a month ago, from complications due to Diabetes. Aunt Debbie was devastated, and rightfully so... Mugsy had been with her for 8 years. He was her baby and loyal friend.
People truly stepped up to the plate and offered support and condolences, as if Mugsy were an actual person. She received plants, flowers, meals, candy & cards from colleagues, students, neighbors & friends. Many tears were shed over this pup.

Nana & Molly put together the following gift bag for Aunt Debbie...

10 Good Things About Mugsy:
1. He was a cute, lovable, brown-eyed Pug.
2. He stopped and smelled each blade of grass while on walks.
3. He was not a "poor quality" Pug (like his girlfriend Zoe).
4. He snored louder than you, Debbie.
5. He initiated anatomy/ sex-ed lessons for Griffin by "pooping carrots".
6. He protected you from the crazy lady next door.
7. He was right up there with Jesus, according to Nannie (not to be confused with Nana)
8. He always acknowledged you by tilting his head when you spoke to him.
9. He made friends where ever he went; and, he helped you make friends, too.
10. Mugsy loved you, Debbie, very, very much!

Mugsy's last photo... (sorry, Debbie)! :)

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Terri and Bob said...

I can certainly relate to losing a dog. Not easy.

I am so NOT a runner. Bob used to be but not now. We were just there to cheer and support his teachers!

The Assassination of Jesse James... is PG13. I don't remember seeing much violence but it is very intense in some of the scenes. One shooting scene is tense and ends up with one of them being shot in the head from behind. Hard call.

I miss your posts! Did your mom tell you she caught Ashley A and I watching Neal E Boyd at the Library? Of course, your DAD was there too. It was fun!