Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hitting The Books & The Fields

I snapped these pictures, because they show how Sydney spends about 45 minutes every evening.
Math comes easily for her and she actually seems to enjoy it. She is currently taking Honor's Algebra. I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm so dang proud of her, that it bears repeating... and OFTEN.
I am SO living vicariously... I STRUGGLED through every Math course that I ever took. I really need to thank my friend, Karla, for all of her help (shared assignments;). I don't think that I would have ever made it through Algebra 1 or Geometry without her!!!
I've secretly envisioned sending Syd's grades to my former teachers;)
Nah, they'd never believe it!

In other news, Syd's spring soccer season has officially begun.
We spent Sunday in STL freezing our hiney's off.
OK, I sat in the car while Syd and her teammates ran around chasing a soccer ball in 32 degree weather. It was crazy!!!


Terri and Bob said...

That girl loves her soccer! I bet we hear her name professionally one day.

CrazyDeb said...

Go Syd!!!! And ee - you sat in the car? Well, you did get out long enough to get the pictures. :o) Love ya'll.

That Chick Over There said...

I loathe math and both my kids are really good at it. Go figure.

Karla and Ben said...

Math is fun, and I'm glad that Sydney enjoys it. I hope Erlan does too. I don't remember tutoring you in math...