Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catch Up (In No Particular Order)

A New Member of the Family:
Because we don't have enough people/creatures coming and going in this house, we decided to add a puppy to the mix.
A small puppy with very small teeth ( I don't think my nerves or insurance company could handle any other type).
Other than trying to settle on a name for the pup, the transition has been relatively easy. The kids wanted to give him sweet little people names. I kept insisting that a little dog needed a big name... like "Moose" or "Franc" (which rhymes with "bonk").
In the end, we named him "Max". This was a name that we could all live with.
Reilly has taken full responsibility of little Max. She feeds him, sleeps with him, and takes him out at all hours of the day/night (usually beginning at around 5:30am). The biggest downside to the situation, is that her room smells like a kennel.
It looks like new carpet is in our future:o

Griffin had one of his school art projects displayed this month at the Walters-Boone County Historical Society Museum. His weaving was titled "Holiday Sparkle" (the orange one to the left of his head).
I was pretty impressed with the amount of time/persistence it took to complete this project. You would think that if Griff could sit for hours completing an intricate project like this, picking up dirty underwear off his bedroom floor would be a snap.

Sydney was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at her school. To qualify for this honor, she had to maintain a certain GPA (I've forgotten what this is) and be active in two clubs.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, as I literally had absolutely nothing to wear. Last year, when I put on baby weight (I know, I did not give birth), I pared down my wardrobe considerably and have refused to buy the next size up in anything but jeans and sweat pants (thank God, I can wear these things to church).
It's a sad day when you miss an important event in your child's life because of a fashion emergency.

Baby Jack:

Speaking of baby weight, we've gotten to spend some time with Baby Jack and his fam over the past few months. He's 18 months and is busy busy busy. He's obsessed with cars, trucks... all things with wheels. He's beginning to talk, though he can't yet say "EE" (no matter how much I drill him). He is still a bottomless pit and thankfully is not a picky eater. He is as cute as can be and I absolutely can't stop kissing him. As I write, he is chasing Griffin around the living room.

A Baby Mama Baby Shower:
In January, my friend (and former boss), Karen, and I had a baby shower for Lynne B. Of course, since I've waited so long to post about this, the baby has been born and is about a month old. He is the cutest & sweetest darn thing and luckily pretty easy going. Mom & dad are both pretty smitten!
Anyway, we absolutely love Lynne at my house. Actually, anyone that meets her, immediately loves her. She is on staff at my church, and is Sydney's small group leader.
So, Karen and I got together and planned a shower. I absolutely love planning things with Karen... it takes me back to when we worked together at WC. Together, we can come up with crazy fun ideas (at least we think they are). We have a ball throwing around ideas, and NOTHING is off limits! The problem with us, though, is implementation. By the time reality sets in, we usually wind up cutting out about 3/4 of our "great ideas".
My favorite part of the shower was the games. Lynne found out she was pregnant right about the time that the "Baby Mama" movie came out, so we had a "Baby Mama" trivia game. Shower attenders were given papers with movie trivia questions... and, yes, there was a question about the taint:o
Our second game was "Name That Famous (and Infamous) Baby". We had searched for celebrity babies online, and had posted these photos around my house. We included the following babies: Violet Affleck, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Britney Spear's boys, Obama, George W. Bush, Chuckie, Madonna's baby David, Mary-Kate & Ashley, Jennifer Warren, the John & Kate sextuplets, Hitler, etc.
Since it was mainly church staff in attendance, yes, we also included a picture of Baby Jesus. I'm not naming names, but one person failed to correctly identify our Savior. We gave her a Dashboard Jesus, so that this would never happen again:)
Other party favors/ prizes included: Crying Head Balls (they cry when you slam them down on a hard surface), Bath & Body products, and a smoking baby. Our children's pastor wound up with that one;)
Thankfully, Karen took care of the food & it was yummy. My mom made the cutest baby bottle sugar cookies & Debbie and the kids made a kick-@$$ diaper cake out of real diapers.
Good times!

Next Post: Baby Liam & Spring Break
Don't know why this post italics... it mysteriously appeared and I can't get it off....ugh!


Terri and Bob said...

wow!! What fun! Baby Jack is soooo adorable. I am so glad I get to see his sweet face. Max is so totally cute!! What kind of puppy is he? You all have been so busy. The shower sounds like so much fun!

Adoption Momma said...

How come I haven't met your puppy yet? Love the pictures of Jack. Wonder why. Thanks for taking great care of him. Can't wait to see you guys again.

Karla and Ben said...

If we'd known you'd wanted a dog, we have a pug you could have had. :) Your new addition is adorable (let's hope he's smarter than our pug!)

Alpha Dude said...

Yep. You are definitely the coolest! Your life looks like so much fun.

Hope you are doing well.


CrazyDeb said...

I love Ma! My nephew and his wife named their dog Max as well so it sits well with me (not that it matters). I'm impressed with R taking on so much responsibility! G's weaving looks great! I don't blame him for not wanting to pick up dirty underwear. Congrats to S! You need to get at least one thing to wear to events so you don't miss out on your kids' accomplishments!!! We are lucky that we have a church that accepts us for how we come. Jack is growing so much!!!! And what a cutie. I'm impressed with how they've kept you all a part of his life. The shower sounds like it was so much fun but then with you and Karen in charge it would have to be. I do need to know who missed identifying Baby Jesus!!!!!! You are right that everyone loves Lynne and the Harrison is adorable. Teach me how to do the diaper cake!! How creative! Now that my comment is almost as long as your blog you have to start posting more often so they're not so long. LOL Love ya!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Congrats on the new puppy! He is adorable. Love little dogs. So. Much.