Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Alive & Kickin'... Unfortunately

Despite HH's attempts at sending our furry friend to an early grave by over-feeding him, Gordo is still alive and kickin'.
Or, I should probably say, shedding all over our furniture and peeing in Griffin's bed.
I hate cats.


Terri and Bob said...

I love cats and he does the exact same thing. What's the deal? Isn't feeding him and giving him a clean litter box enough?

Megan said...

Was this the cat that was 'accidentally' left in a closet for 3 days????
cats and their darn 9 lives.

imaeskimo said...

So, did I tell you that I am allergic to cats? Yep, when FH and I started living together, we had 4. I was sick the entire time. I didn't understand why I was so very sick. After I found out that I was allergic to was amazing, I felt better when they found places to live. :) I hate cats also.