Thursday, November 27, 2008

WISHing You A Happy Thanksgiving...


Terri and Bob said...

Yeah, Sidney... you reign supreme of the wishbone!

SOUL: said...

who got the other side? who got the wish? hmmm??
briskets don't have wishbones.. but i know someone who wished for a brisket and ended up with a turkey.

i'll have to call the meat fairy about that :)) oh my, some things just have a way of sounding strange when they find their way out of my mouth.

it's really not my fault--it just happens.


SOUL: said...

did i actually miss all these pix last time i was here? or did they not come up? that sometimes happens.
anyhow-- yes.. yippee for sidney!!! i hope you wished for somethin expensive from santa :))

hi E--- hey-- if i run away from home, can i come see you-- ?
i just might get me a tent and a cot and about twenty blankets-- and hit the road-- just me and sushi :))

or not.

but say i did?