Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not A Chance

Last night I took my children to see the movie Twilight. The girls and I read the series of 4 books this summer and we were all excited when the movie finally premiered.
I was sitting by Reilly during the steamy kissing scene. As I moved my hand to cover her eyes, I whispered, "close your eyes."
She batted my hand away, not taking her eyes off the big screen, and whispered back, "NOT A CHANCE!"


Terri and Bob said...

I have been wanting to read these books although the vampire thing really freaks me out. Of course your daughter wanted to see the kissing scene, how else do you learn, by watching your PARENTS?? :) Happy Thanksgiving and say hi to your mom for me.

imaeskimo said...

OMG...was it good? I am going to see it tomorrow night! I can't wait. I am having a bit of trouble reading book 4. With getting ready to move, getting my house ready for the market, taking a night class, going to NC a couple of times, I have had no time.

The Casady Clan said...

That's awesome! I loved it...the movie, I mean, not just the kissing. :)

Household Executive said...

lol...that is hilarious!