Monday, September 08, 2008

Dangerous Play

Soccer is a dangerous sport. Just look at the things (fouls) Sydney got away with during the Labor Day weekend tournament.

While she is bummed that she is sitting out the next couple of weeks due to the fracture, this accident was definitely much cleaner than her last. Her last break/s involved an enormous amount of blood and a completely hysterical mother.
In the second grade, Syd had a friend over to play. They went down the street to a neighbor's house to shoot some hoops on one of those inground adjustable goals. The goal was set low and the neighborhood kids loved being able to slam dunk at this level. There had been a lot of pressure applied to this rusty hoop. Evidently, Syd went up for the dunk, grabbed the rim, and brought the whole thing down on her head.
She was very lucky that she survived the ordeal with only a broken finger, 3 permanent teeth and a busted lip.

Yet another reason that I will never be nominated "Mother of the Year". Snort


EE said...

Yes, those pictures were taken AFTER her teeth were repaired.

C.A. said...

O M G....just looking at those cracked teeth makes mine hurt! What did they do? Caps? That poor girl is an injury magnet! :)

Alice said...

Good gracious... you guys would be doomed without health insurance in your house?! ;)

Jana said...


That girl is tough!

And I think you are an excellent mom! :o)

CrazyDeb said...

What does a child having an accident while playing down the street have anything to do with your ability as a mother? You are a fabulous mother!!!

KK said...

Oh my! Never a dull moment:) Her teeth look good...are they implants? Cooper broke his two front teeth out (partially) by falling on a trampoline a couple years ago and his are bonded...but we will eventually do something permanent. Looks like we need to chat!