Friday, September 05, 2008

Another Birthday, Another Break, Goodbye Braces

We celebrated another birthday this past week. Yeah, what were we thinking? 3 summer birthdays...boom, boom, boom.
Because of this lack of planning, Sydney is the child who tends to get the shaft. By the time her birthday comes around, we are usually pretty "birthdayed" (I know, not a word) out.
Sydney turned 14 years old on September 2nd.
How did she celebrate her birthday? Unfortunately, it was with a visit to the Orthopedist.
She tripped playing soccer this past weekend and wound up with a very small buckle fracture to her upper humerus.
Luckily, she didn't have to be casted.
She is truly bummed that she will be unable to play soccer and go to Tae Kwon Do for the next 3-4 weeks.
I tell you, it's always SOMETHING at our house.

14 Things You Should Know About Sydney:
1. She is a genius with olive oil & the George Foreman grill (though not together)
2. She has a beautiful smile... especially now that her braces are off (happened Wednesday).
3. She constantly worries about other people's feelings.
4. She hates tattoos.
5. She loves watching Football, Baseball and ESPN.
6. She doesn't mind public speaking. She doesn't stress out about giving oral reports or doing a skit in front of her class or an audience.
7. She's a fantastic student... Honor's Algebra/ Honor's English.
8. She has the cutest darn laugh. Sometime, I'll try to catch it on video for you.
9. She's organized, but a total slob. Her room drives me crazy!
10. She loves to shop, but worries that we're spending too much money.
11. She's a self-motivator (except when it comes to her room). I never have to tell her to do her homework, condition for soccer, or practice TKD forms.
12. She's riding the bus for the first time this year (though, not since the injury) and absolutely hates it.
13. She is not a picky eater and loves to try new things.
14. She thinks her mom is absolutely nuts, but loves her anyway;)


CrazyDeb said...

She's beautiful inside and out.
She's caring.
She's smart.
She's a lot of fun.
She's athletic
She's an amazing young woman.
She loves her family.
She loves little ones.
She's right about her mom.

Happy Birthday S!!!! Love you!!

Megan said...

we all agree that sydney looks waaaaaay older without her braces

EE said...

I think that may be the eye makeup, Megan;)
Debbie- awww. Thanks for such kind words about Syd. She's definitely a keeper!!!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Such a pretty girl! Happy Birthday! You should just have one big barbeque every year and celebrate all 3 birthdays at once.

SOUL: said...

you've got quite a kid (or 3 you know)

happy birthday SYD !!!

EE--- i really want an attitude update in like two weeks . i swear my girl went from one personality to another as soon as she turned 14. people said it would happen, but i didn't believe them. but it happened. i hope it doesn't happen to yours. :))

have a happy week ahead girl

SOUL: said...

my sis did that when her boys were still at home-- they all have summer bdays-- june, and july (3 boys), just always had one big party. much cheaper that way.

anyhow-- g'night

Sniz said...

You forgot, "She's beautiful". Really.

Toni said...

Arghhh! I'm waaaay too sentimental for a post like this. I mean, can that beautiful little baby REALLY be a gorgeous young woman already? Sigh. Why, oh WHY does time have to pass so quickly? I'm going to need therapy when empty nest sydrome strikes. Jumping in from Sniz' blog.

Anonymous said...

OH my! You do realize Erin that you just described yourself in so many ways! You have done an excellent job indeed!