Monday, August 04, 2008

Taking The Plunge

My mother is beautiful, sweet, soft-spoken, graceful, well-mannered and only a few months away from turning 60.
To look at her or talk to her, you'd never believe that she has sort of a wild side.
She does her best to hide it most of the time, but if you take her to an amusement park, there's nothing that she will not ride.
I have a sneaking suspicion that if she were not worrying so much about setting good examples for her children and grandchildren, she would be sky-diving, white-water rafting, running with the bulls, or cruising down the highway on a Harley Davidson.

At a recent family reunion (more on that at a later date), our clan found ourselves taking over the local pool.
This pool was different from most pools nowadays. This pool seemed to thumb it's nose at high-priced liability insurance. This pool had a high dive.
After much pleading from the kiddos (and adult kiddos, too), my mom found herself on the ledge of the highest platform.
To my surprise, she was scared. She lingered at the edge for what seemed like several minutes, obviously debating the pros and cons of taking the plunge.

Finally, with a shake of the head, she took the "walk-of-shame" down the ladder to the pool deck (I actually have a photo of this, but she would kill me if I showed you her tush).
The rest of us went back to our various conversations and aquatic activities. I tried to talk HH into a little WT pool PDA, but he wasn't having any of that;)

A few minutes later, one of my cousins pointed to the board, and there again stood my mother, tentatively at the edge.
We yelled our encouragements and some good-hearted ribbings (ok, mine may have not been so good-hearted;) to no avail.
Again, she turned and climbed back down the ladder to the safety of the deck. I think someone pointed out that it was far more dangerous going back down the slippery rungs on the ladder than it would be to actually jump into the water, but OH WELL.
We AGAIN resumed our previously interrupted activities (no, still could not talk HH into WT PDA) and once again turned to see that Nana was battling her demons and climbing the ladder to the high board.
This time, she did not linger at the edge. She hit the board, and kept on going...

We were so proud of her!!!!!

Not to be outdone, my dad also gracefully took the plunge

And I'm not even going to mention how he lost his trunks diving off the low board...


~*~Jenni~*~ said...

How FUN! Glad your mom braved her fears-- loos like an incredibly fun day!

NanaD said...

I'm SO glad you overcame your "Blog Funk" in time to post these embarrassing photos!
I think I am going to have to start holding your inheritance (as meager as it will be) over your head. Or better yet, I may have to start hunting for some photos from your past that might make even you cringe with embarrassment!
Love you, but hate being the subject of your blog - especially in a swimsuit!

Megan said...

wow! maybe posting pix of mom in a swimsuit will get her to post a comment on my blog!!!!!! nothing else has seemed to work, but maybe the threat of a swimsuit pic might?!!!!!! Glad that you also got over your blog funk. i was having it withdraws or withdrawals? anyway, the image of my dear dad losing his trunks is forever etched in my mind.....:0 that is a whole story in itself...crazy deb, i am sure, would love to hear about that! ;)

Jana said...

DANG!! Nana is one hot mama! She looks fantastic in a swimming suit! Good for her!

CrazyDeb said...

Yea Darla and Bob!!!! I think it's great that you took the plunge. Are you serious about the swim trunk loss? OMG - that might be something they'd need for an upcoming AFO meeting! I bet they'd even pay! Please share.

Welcome back to the world of blogging. I knew you just needed some family adventure!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

They rock!! That is so great!

SOUL: said...


and tell HH he's a fuddy duddy :P

sounds like a great day :))

happy humpday-

KK said...

Looks like fun had by all! What a cool diving board.