Thursday, August 07, 2008

Guilty Pleasure Movie List

Just saw this on the AOL homepage:
35 Flicks We're Embarrassed To Love
What is a guilty pleasure? A movie you're embarrassed to admit you like? A movie so bad it's good? A movie so cheesy or odd you just can't get enough of it? Yes (to all three)! And it's definitely subjective, but you know one when you see it (repeatedly, in the privacy of your own home, with the shades down).
My guilty pleasures are highlighted (astericks) below...
1. Pootie Tang (2001)
2. Beerfest (2006)
3. Alien Resurrection (1997)
4. Nottinghill (1999)**
5. The Lake House (2006)
6. Once Bitten (1985)
7. If Looks Could Kill (1991)
8. Armageddon (1998)
9. American Dreamz (2006)
10. Earth Girls Are Easy (1998)
11. Saving Silverman (2001)
12. Bringing Down the House (2003)
13. The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)**
14. Loverboy (1989)**
15. Roadhouse (1989)**
16. Center Stage (2000)
17. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985) **
I've got to comment on this one. My sister went out and bought a coon skin cap after seeing this flick:)**
18. Days of Thunder (1990)
19. Highlander (1986)
20. Showgirls (1995)
21. One Crazy Summer (1986)
22. Footloose (1984)**
23. The Cutting Edge (1992)**
24. The Apple (1980)
Never heard of this one.
25. Young Guns II (1990)
26. The Song Remains The Same (1976)
27. The Best Little Whore House In Texas (1982)**
I still know every word to every song in this movie:o
28. Summer Rental (1985)**
29. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984)
30. Grease 2 (1982)**
Favorite Song: "Cool Rider"
31. With A Song In My Heart (1952)
32. Rocky IV (1985)
33. Head (1968)
33. Xanadu (1982)**
34. Career Opportunities (1991)
35. Oops...looks like I left one out.

Now it's your turn...
I've 'fessed up to my "guilty pleasures" in this list.
Now, it's YOUR turn...

Also, you've GOT to head over to Jason, For the Love of God and read Chick's August 5th post....
It's one of the funniest posts that I've ever read!!!!


remorji said...

Pootie Tang at number one, oh my GOD! I'm black and have to explain to people why I like that film! you go girl

Mrs. Scuba said...

I can't beleive Notting Hill is on the list....I LOVE that movie. I think I just have a thing for Hugh Grant. I seem to love any movie he's in :)

Megan said...

What in the heck is Pootie Tang! Please someone explain?! :) EE please post the Movie YOU WERE IN WITH MICHELLE PFEIFER. I am sure people around you have no idea about your cameo with MP. :) Can you find a clip on YouTube? Girls Just Want to have fun is the best movie ever. And, yes, i strived to be Helen Hunt in that movie. :) Thanks for reminding everyone, ee.

EE said...
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EE said...

I DID NOT WRITE THIS LIST. Sorry that I did not make that clear. This list was posted on AOL. The ones that I agreed with, I tried to highlight. When I couldn't see the highlights, I put astericks by the movies. I have never seen Pootie Tang...Though my curiosity is now definitely piqued:)

Lizzi said...

Grease 2 is one of my all time faves - can't make myself change the channel whenever I happen to stumble on it. "Cooooool Rider...."

Jennifer said...

Xanadu, Footloose, and Notting Hill are definitely on my list! :o)

mistihollrah said...

Many of my favorite guilty pleasure movies :-) Can't help but stop and watch them when I am scrolling through the channels on the telly when there is nothing else on! We saw Xanadu on Broadway.....LOVED it! Love the movie! Wow, I am going to have to print that list and save it for chick flick night with my girls when they get older!