Friday, July 25, 2008

While She Was Gone

While Sydney was at church camp, we were so fortunate to get to watch Baby Jack for the week (his sitter was on vacation).
He was not quite himself...think he was trying to cut a new tooth. But, he was a trooper and seemed to survive our hectic schedule.
On Friday, we celebrated the successful week with his parents at our neighborhood pool.
They brought Shakespeare's pizza...our favorite!!!
We also celebrated Reilly's 12th birthday. She chose the cash payout instead of the party, but she did invite a couple of friends over to swim with us.
Good times!!!

Baby Jack seems to have an affinity for ducks. He especially loved munching on this squeaky one.

The kids started Baby Jack on a strict soccer regimine. Crawling after the ball was his favorite drill.

Baby Jack was a natural in the water. Of course, this is probably due to the "Mommy & Me" swim lessons that he's been attending.

Laying Baby Jack on his back in the water= Baby Jack falling asleep... cutest dang thing EVER!

My favorite three pictures of the evening... Baby Jack with his daddy, Mike. It's almost impossible to get picts of Mike with his eyes open, so I think I should shoot his profile from here on out;)

Can you tell Rosemary's a new mom??? She's applying sunscreen at like 8:00. Ok, I'm exaggerating. It was more like 6:00... we love giving her a hard time:)

The birthday girl and her buddies...
They better be extra nice to her over the next few years, as she will be the first one to turn 16!!!!


Rose said...

We loved hanging out with you guys. Yep, Mike's eyes look closed on the pic with all three of us so side shots are probably best from here on out. Imagine the interesting family pics we might see in the future. Instead of Flat Stanley, er, Flat Mike. Awe...isn't Jack cute.

Megan said...

JACK IS SUPER CUTE! And, I am impressed he is taking Mommy & me swim classes! Rose rocks! I think I started those classes with my first born & dropped out! :0

SOUL: said...

love the pics..
what a sweet baby !
happy weekend--

Karla & Ben said...

Baby Jack is a cutie. Happy belated bday to Riley!

Jana said...

Awwww... I love the pics of baby Jack. He is so darn cute and getting so big!! They look like such a happy family...
I told Austin last year after the big bday party that next year I would just give him the $ instead of the party if he wanted, and he's all for it too! :o) And that works for me too!!!

C.A. said...

Pretty soon you're going to have to start calling him "Little Boy" Jack. He's looking more like a boy than a baby these days!

Happiest of belated b-days to Reilly!

Can you believe Summer is almost over????