Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Swimsuit Malfunction & A Dropped Call

So, it happened like this...
On the fourth, the kids and I went to my sister & BIL's house (which we lovingly call Camp D...) to enjoy a day of fun-in-the-sun activities. We were not having our official family get-together until the fifth, so HH stayed home for a much-needed day to himself.
Anyway, we loaded up the kids and inner tubes into the "Pimpster" (a truck that my dad purchased for next-to-nothing to haul things in) and in true WT* fashion (see photo below), drove halfway around the lake to the community dock. I had purchased a ton of 4th of July paraphernalia from Oriental Trading Company and besides myself, Brian was the only one brave (confident) enough to wear the cute (tacky) little patriotic visors and tattoos.

So, while the kids were splashing around in the water, I was relaxing in my tube next to the dock.

I guess I was just casually chatting away to Megan and Brian when I happened to look down and see that my swimsuit had totally come untied, and I was exposing myself to GOD AND HIS COUNTRY.
Now, it was actually only on one side, but it was enough to send me into a total tizzy.
I was trying to get myself adjusted and my suit tied, when Sydney comes over telling me that Bobby (my Dad) was on my cell phone and he really needed to talk to me. I grabbed the phone and only half listened as he droned on and on about the kids and their life jackets...Were they wearing them? Were they the right sizes? Were we watching his precious grandchildren closely enough? Did we need to buy them new jackets, because he would pay for them if we did...Blah, Blah, Blah.
I totally couldn't concentrate because I was still adjusting my suit and worrying about whether or not my BIL saw my nipple.
I must have bent over, because our connection was broken. I kind of threw my phone down into my lap, and because my luck was going so well, the phone wound up in the lake.
I was able to fish it out, but it was out-of -commission.
I knotted my suit, and luckily was able to make it through the afternoon without anymore X-Rated moments;)
Here are a few pictures from the rest of the afternoon...

Our fun did not end here, and I have lots more stories & photos to share...
Hope everyone had a very happy & safe 4th!!!!

*White Trash


C.A. said...

Trying to bring sexy back, are you? :>

I love that last butt shot. Classic Summer picture!

Enjoy your day...



Terri and Bob said...

So much fun! I love that you were talking to your BIL and your suit casually dropped... sounds like an Xrated movie to me : )

Can't wait to hear more and I loved the butt cheek shot, too.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Little girls and their butt cheeks sticking out of their suits is so cute. My R. ALWAYS looks like she is wearing a thong.

Looks like you had a great time, well except for the nipple incident. Snort.

Jana said...

Love the wedgie! Poor girl!
I wouldn't worry too much if BIL saw nipple, if he did, he probaly enjoyed it! lol
Glad you had fun!

Jules said...

We must teach you the wet cell phone trick!

Take the phone apart totally as much as you can (battery, backing whatever you can pull apart) and set it on top of your TV's cable or satellite box (the thing that changes all the channels). It blows warm air and after 2-3 days on there, sometimes you have a revived cell phone!

It worked when Brad put his through 20 minutes of the wash cycle!

CrazyDeb said...

I can't believe you talked about your father like that! HA!!! I can just hear him. So, did you ask your sis if her husband got a free peep show? You all crack me up!

Sniz said...

That exact same thing with the nipple showing when you BIL is there happened to me at the beach last summer!!! Weird!

TTYS - Sniz

imaeskimo said...

That is funny...
good pics. :) love to see pics of your family.