Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Reilly!

12 Things You Should Know About Reilly:
1. She loves mechanical pencils.
2. She's an avid reader...prefers fantasy books.
3. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
4. She hates the spotlight...prefers to hang in the background.
5. She is quick to apologize when she's wrong.
6. She weighs 79 lbs.
7. She sleeps with 8 blankets/stuffed animals EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.
8. She does not allow her mother to perform Tae Kwon Do moves in public.
9. She hordes Swiss Cake Rolls in the top drawer of her bedroom dresser.
10. She is easily overwhelmed.
11. She has terrible taste in shoes.
12. She has a kind heart and always tries to do the right thing in difficult situations.


CrazyDeb said...

She is beautiful, she is smart, she lights up when she smiles, she loves babies, she loves her family, she is athletic, she is talented, and I just love her to pieces. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REILLY!!!!

C.A. said... the picture retrospective! Happy Birthday REILLY girl! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Happy Birthday to your "not so little anymore" girl!! :)

Biddy said...

Happy Birthday, Reilly!

can i come be your sister and an aunt to those awesome children of yours?

better yet, i should be HH's sister because his sister can't drool over how hott he is haha

SOUL: said...

how sweeeT!

happy weekend pal---

and hey-- all i gotta do is clean the kitchen ? hmmm.. i'll have to think about that.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Yeah, what crazydeb said....only LOUDER!!!

You done did good mom!


Angie said...

And, she's an AWESOME soccer player! Happy Birthday Reilly!

Jana said...

AWWW.. What a nice post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REILLY!!!! She's beautiful and sounds like a great kid... good job, mom!