Friday, June 06, 2008

There's Something About Sydney

As I was perusing my previous posts, I realized that I've not posted much about Sydney lately.
So, here's a few pictures to show you what she's been up to...
Because Syd was not busy enough with school, soccer, softball & TaeKwonDo this spring, she decided to add track to her schedule.
I assumed it had to do something with her love of all sports, but after observing her at her first meet, I realized it had EVERYTHING to do with socializing with her friends and little to do with actually running.

Yawning before a race is never a good sign, however, Sydney placed 3rd in this race (the 800m). We were all ecstatic, as quickness (and she'll be the first to admit this) has never been one of her strengths:)

Every Tuesday and Thursday, she would go directly from track practice to soccer practice.
Unfortunately, Missouri weather did not cooperate and most of her soccer games were rained out. In fact, we are still making up games and she is scheduled to play in St. Louis this Sunday. Of course, the weather channel says that it is supposed to rain all weekend, so we shall see...

While soccer is her first love, Syd still enjoys softball.
And, this season she has already proved that she is a force to be reckoned with.
I cannot believe the confidence she has exuded this season.
She thought that this would probably be her last season on the field, but the way that she has been playing she may continue on...

When not playing sports, she has spent an enormous amount of times with the babies. It is amazing to watch her with these kids. She's definitely a natural. Not only is she loving & nurturing towards these little guys, but she's able to compartmentalize her role as a foster sister. I wish you could see her in action...such the little mommy!!!!

And finally, in her spare time Sydney has been fixing dinner. Yes, I believe in slave labor! She enjoys cooking, and she really has mastered the art of pasta and sauteed green beans. Her room may be a wreck and she can be a little moody at times, but this girl's definitely a keeper!!!!!


Biddy said...


hey! i am thinking about visiting St. Louis for a few days this summer. we should get together!!!

C.A. said...

Wow, she's becoming a young lady right in front of our eyes! She's so pretty, E. I love that she's so great with the little ones, but such a jock at the same time. You are teaching her well, my friend. Be proud of that!

CrazyDeb said...

As I told her on Facebook - she's an amazing young woman!! I am in awe of all she does and does well.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

You have such awesome kids!


That Chick Over There said...

She's a great kid!

Jennifer said...

Looks like you're raising some great kids, Erin! Oh, I'm sure HH has *something* to do with it. ;o) that how they're wearing visors this year?