Friday, June 06, 2008

School's Out...Or Is It????

Tuesday was the last day of school.
The only one who appears bummed at this, is Griffin.
Luckily, he will be attending summer school.
This bums out HH to no end.
He just cannot comprehend how Griff can pass up days spent in the sun, for days spent in the classroom.
Griff is definitely my most social child, so I'm sure that spending time with his friends has a lot to do with his newfound academic enthusiasm.
So, while Griff is hitting the books this summer, the girls and I will be hitting the pool.
It's a rough job, but somebody's got to do it!!!


Biddy said...

wait wait...he's a kid and he CHOSE to go to summer school?

something is so not adding up lol

Anonymous said...

Reading through your posts, I think you are kind of hot, in a 21 century, blogger-Mom kind of way.