Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Brothers

Reilly had a friend over to spend the night last night.
This morning, they were headed downstairs to play four square.
Griffin was tagging along behind them. The following conversation took place...
Griffin: Can I play with you guys?
Reilly: Possibly. If you don't talk or don't try to be funny.

Believe me...he doesn't have a chance. The poor boy won't be able to keep his mouth shut...gets that from his dad;)


C.A. said...

Little Brothers are the bane of girls existance, LOL.

When my oldest two were 5 and 6, my son got on the phone while Amanda was talking to one of her friends. When the girl asked who it was she replied:

"That's my brother. He thinks he's funny. Sometimes people laugh. Sometimes they don't. I NEVER do!".


CrazyDeb said...

Gets that from his dad????

Terri and Bob said...

This just sounds like me and my brother.

SOUL: said...

happy humpday--

Mrs. Schmitty said...

At least she didn't make it TOO hard for the poor boy...don't talk, LOL!