Saturday, April 12, 2008

We Got Our Train On:O

So...Matt called me today to tell me that he had uploaded our video forray onto youtube so that we could see the final production edits of our praise and worship instruction videos for Kidcrest preschool.
I've been worrying about this for weeks.
I am not a video girl.
I am convinced that I am going to do something really innappropriate like pick my nose or drop the "f" bomb or something equally embarrassing.
While I didn't do either of those things (thank God), I see now that I could have definitely been better prepared for the experience.
I could have also lost 20lbs and toned up my arms.
But, I do have to commend Matt for the final edit not being in wide-screen.
While he wasn't able to edit out all of our mistakes, he did a darn good job of making us not look too stupid.
Ok, I still look stupid, but it could have been a lot worse:O
Thanks go out to Matt, Janet, and Julie for all of your hard work!!!!



Me: (Can you tell I'm a nervous wreck?????)


Biddy said...

haha you rock!! if i was jumping around like that i'd knock my self unconcious with all my fat

Household Executive said...

okay, i found this absolutely hilarious! i am sitting at home by myself watching these videos laughing out loud!

i think you look great!

Eve said...

*chugga chugga chugging upstairs to make breakfast for the kids*

Amy P said...

Wow! You guys are something else. Who would have known that's the kind of thing you are sneaking off and doing. I love it!
PS You look great!

Jana said...

What are you talkin about?! You look great!
Absolutely hilarious! You guys are awesome and loads of fun!