Monday, April 28, 2008

38 And Holding...

In honor of my 38th birthday, I thought I'd share with you 38 things around my house that make me smile...

1. I love coffee. Though I've cut down considerably, I could drink it all the time. I'm diggin' the Dunkin' Donuts coffee right now. Mmmmmmm....

2. This is one of my favorite pictures of Reilly. It sits on my desk in my bedroom. Poor Reilly has had 3 broken bones during her short 11 years. She and Sydney had been playing soccer in the basement and Syd's knee snapped Reilly's collar bone. If that wasn't enough, Reilly tripped and fell a few days later and scratched the side of her face under her eye. This pict. serves as a reminder of her fragility (is that a word???).

3. Dove Soap. My Nannie has used this soap for as long as I can remember. I always buy Dove, but when I buy the pink stuff, I think of her!

4. HH bought these for me today at Dillards. They are the cutest and most comfortable sandals EVER!

5. My Effexor prescription. What can I say??? This stuff keeps my mind from racing a million miles a minute. My sis swears that I talk faster and louder when I've skipped a dose:o This bottle of wonderfulness keeps my whole family happy!

6. As you know, HH is ultra conservative. He uses poor Hillary to scoop cat poop.

7. When I'm not drinking coffee, you can usually find one of these in my hand...

8. Though I never wear nail polish on my fingernails, I have an assortment of polishes for my toes. I'm a sucker for OPI and usually pick up a new color whenever I get my hair done. Right now, my color of choice is Lincoln Park After makes me feel Goth;)

9. Since soccer is such a huge part of my girls' lives, there are usually a few of these rolling around the house at any given time.

10. I know that I've posted pictures of these portraits before, but I never get sick of looking at these. They take me back to the time when I could dress my girls alike and put giant bows in their hair. They also serve to remind me that I never had Griffin's portrait taken:(

11. This is probably my favorite piece(s) of furniture in the house. It's a pub table and sits up higher than the traditional table. I feel like I'm eating out, even when I'm dining in...

12. The Sunday crossword puzzle... it's always one of the highlights of my weekend.

13. I haven't scrapbooked in months, but I love to sit down with my magazines and dream of all the layouts that I'm someday going to scrap-lift!

14. HH's high school football helmet. Shortly after moving into our first home 14 years ago, I found this sitting on my living room mantel. HH actually thought that I would allow it to stay there.
On a side note... HH has an extremely small head. Nobody else in the family can get it on:o

15. My sis turned me onto this Downey product. How did we ever get along without it? Our clothes are now so soft and smell sooooo good!

16. You cannot truly appreciate the size of this mug unless you see it in person. I bought this on our Springfield soccer trip, hoping that I would drink 100 ounces of water daily. Unfortunately, I've only been able to do it twice.

17. I know that I've posted a picture of this little doo-dad before, but it deserves to be highlighted again. Several years ago I was painting-under-the-influence with a group of friends at a local pottery place and wound up with a frog in a thong:o

18. Sydney made this birdhouse hanger last year in technology class...yes, my daughter took "shop" and loved it. It normally holds our car keys and dog leashes, but as you can see, I've seemed to misplace all of our keys:o

19. DKNY Be Delicious perfume... love it!

20. I chew gum a lot... hate to have dragon breath! I found these in the bargain bin at Gerbes for 25 cents a pack. Don't you just love a bargain?

21. "Smut" magazines are one of the vices that I can't seem to shake. I love reading the latest celebrity gossip... especially when it's REALLY juicy!

22. "Smut" isn't the only thing I read, though. Here's only a small sampling of the reading material on my book shelves....

23. "Cider House Rules" is one of my all-time favorite books and movies. We have this movie poster in our basement in our theater room.

24. Griff was the cutest dang toddler ever! I need to have this picture professionally framed, but for now, it sits in my basement on the floor:( Notice the football helmet...

25. The only time beds get made at our house, is when we're having guests. Reilly's room is the exception. Her bed is ALWAYS made and her room is ALWAYS spotless.

26. This is a picture of HH and I from when we were dating. We were young, in love, and not afraid to exhibit PDA...

27. The thought of housework normally does not bring a smile to my face, but vacuuming with is sure does!

28. Reilly painted this for me at Christmas. I can't bring myself to put it away with the other holiday decorations because it's just too darn cute. I especially love Mary's pregnacy bump!

29. I've always loved this phone, though I never use it. It's from PB and I received it one year for Christmas. Can you see the dust???

30. Nothing makes me smile more, than flipping through one of my scrapbooks...

31. Though it's in desperate need of organization, this is the closet where I store all of my scrapbook supplies.

32. This picture is of Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, Mo. It's hanging downstairs in our bar area. I love it because it is where HH and I met up on our first "unofficial" date. Really, I'm surprised that there was ever a second date after that fiasco!

33. OK, I'm sick of writing and ready to go to bed, so I'll give you the final 5 with no commentary.







Biddy said...

happy birthday!!!!

Mamarazzi said...

forst of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

secondly oh my goodness this was a super fun read!! there were so many "snaps" (things we have in common) through cool!!

i hope your day is filled with many wonderful surprises and all things wished deserve it!

greengirlwannabe said...

happy birthday! great post & fun to read. i can't believe you don't have a picture of your dog!!!! :) anyway, it was great & i hope you had a good day yesterday! soorry i didn't call. i'll talk to you today.

C.A. said...

Happiest of Birthdays, my friend. I so loved your list and know now that we truly are sisters, seperated at birth. So freaky looking at your 38 things and seeing that most of them would be on MY list too, right down to the football helmet. OMG. I take Lexapro instead of Effoexor, though.

I seriously did love every single thing you posted.


Cindi Ann

Bizzie B said...

Small world but...I went to JC (teach there now) and my dad played football at JC. I pretty much freaked out when I saw the helmet and understood why HH thought it would be fine sitting in the living room! =)

An Iowa Mom said...

Poor Hillary?


An Iowa Mom said...

And ...


Mrs. Scuba said...

Happy Birthday!!

The frog in the thong made me smile too :)

Jana said...

Happy Birthday! There are so many things that you and I have in common!! Super fun post!

SOUL: said...

and the frog one OMG-- i remember seeing that the first time.. getting to know you way back when..

or so i thought-- do we share a birthday? did you tell me that just the other day? am i losing my mind? or is it already gone?

you really should print this post out for your scrapbook.. it's GREAT!

happy friday-- happy BIRTHDAY a bit late--

Jennifer said...

I have a few shades of those OPI polishes myself, I think. :o) And #37 looks suspiciously like someone who lives at my house, Oreo.

Happy Birthday, old girl. Is it just me, or do you still feel about 15 in your head?!?

Terri and Bob said...

I enjoyed reading this!! What fun! I wore Lincoln Park After Dark to Ashley's wedding. I was told that I was "quite posh."