Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Decapitated Bunnies & Tattoos 4 The Elderly

We celebrated Easter on Saturday at Aunt Debbie's house.
It was a pretty relaxing, uneventful day- i.e. no family drama:)
Sydney hid the eggs for the "Big Hunt". I rounded up the kids, layed down the ground rules and released them for the hunt.
Nana supplied the eggs filled with cash and stretchy bunnies.
Who knew that such a seemingly innocent activity could turn into mass bunny mutilation?
After the hunt while the kids were checking out their loot, somebody discovered that stretching the bunnies out far enough would result in their heads popping off.
Even Nana joined in the beheading of these poor little bunnies.
Luckily, I was around to reign them all in and give them a lesson in decapitation.
I just love those teachable moments;)

The fun, however, did not stop there...
Griffin had received tattoos in his Easter basket, so we proceeded to share this body art with all of those present... including (and especially) those over 80.
My grandmother was our first victim.
While she was taking a breathing treatment, she allowed us to give her this...

Not to be outdone by my Nannie, my 96 year old Great-Aunt joined in on the excitement. I actually don't know that she truly understood what was happening at the time, as we approached her while she was napping;)

Fun times!


Karla & Ben said...

Poor innocent bunnies! Loved the tat on your Aunt. Should Dad bring his Harley for your next family event? ;-)

Biddy said...

can i come do easter at your house next year?!

rock on, grannies!

CrazyDeb said...

Ok, I am very disturbed at the thought of your mom participating in the decapitating! Have never seen that side of her. AND to tattoo a 96 year old woman as she was napping (nice of G to share his tattoos)! Yep, I want to be adopted by your family.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I love the tattoos!! And poor Easter Bunnys!

TheVasquez3 said...

fantastic! love the "teachable moments" comment...priceless!

oh and those tattoos...hilarous!

Eve said...

Now THAT is funny!

SOUL: said...

i think you all are so cool!!!!

a weekend with y'all would prolly cure me from all my issues.. :))

anyhow-- tattooing granny cracked me UP !!
what did she have to say about that?
tell me she has a sense of humor like the rest of you! i bet she rocks! no--not in a chair-

ps-- yep-- we were at khols!!! good eye E

happy friday-

Jana said...

LOVE IT! You and your family are awesome!