Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogworthy Email

Emails that were kicked around today that I absolutely couldn't NOT share:

Hey Team-
MM is needing a camera to shoot a kidcrest video. He is
afraid that his own personal camera will turn out like a "soft porn flick".

thanks for your assistance!



When does he need it? He can just contact me directly.




If I had a nickel for every time my name appeared in an email that
also contained the phrase "soft core porn"...well...anyhow...

I don't know exactly what is needed or when. JM and Erin
have been kicking around the idea of filming some kidcrest
music and motions to lessen the dependency on volunteers. It was
suggest by "Scorsese" and "Peter Jackson" that we shoot something in
kidcrest with our home video camera. I may have suggested that such
a project would resemble the quality of a good ol' fashion 70's adult film.

I know they wanted to do something Friday night, however, I don't
much more information. I am just the tech guy who was told,
yesterday, what he was doing with his Friday night. JM and Erin are the producers.


I'll bet this gets resolved quickly, because nothin' gets someone's attention quicker than the word 'porn'.
Do you love it, or do you love it????


SOUL: said...

i LOVE it--the best i get in my email is about viagra-- hmmm.. not funny-- i want funny too.

anyhow-- happy friday---

Jana said...


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Not a standard EE poop story, but still funny.

Does the pastor know about the shooting of soft porn videos in the kid's area at the church?


TheVasquez3 said...


Mike S said...


SOUL: said...

there's a pic on me page for ya--memmmmoreeees :))
happpy easter

CrazyDeb said...

Now I understand why MM was more tired than usual this morning - he even had to work on Friday night shooting por - a video. :o) Great seeing you Saturday even for that short time!

Conspiracy Theologian said...

E -
youse is now linked to my blog over at