Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Take 2 And Call Me In The Morning

I have a sick kiddo at my house. The illness began last week, and the doctor diagnosed kiddo with an ear infection and cold. Kiddo began taking nasty antibiotics.
Fastforward 4 days...
Kiddo still has congestion and a croupy cough.
I take kiddo back to doctor, who insists that it's just a cold and that it will eventually clear up on it's own.
Croupy cough is pretty scary, and I'm not one to sit idly by when there are things that could be done to help make kiddo more comfortable, so I suggest the Nebulizer with Albuterol treatments.
Doctor says that he does not believe "said" treatment really works, but writes out script anyway.
Stupidly (?), I say something like, "I feel better knowing we are at least trying something."
To which Doctor says, "That's the problem with Americans today...always looking for the quick fix."
I guess he put me in my place.
Nice bedside manner this Doctor has...Don't ya think?


Mommy of 3 Crazies said...

I live in TX and we have the same crapola going around. Hubby has had a sinus infection, I have had bronchitis, and D has had pnuemonia. H had a serious coughing fit for days, but the doc said he couldn't do anything for it. S has been healthy so far... knock on wood. I don't know what the deal is, but the hospitals around here are PACKED! It's been making the news! They don't know what's going on so they just say it's viral or the flu. Go home and rest. Well, it would be nice to have something to help ease that time to rest.

Biddy said...

pretty sure i would have smacked him right upside the head! ugh...stupid doctors

Cheri said...

Um, who DOESN'T want a quick fix when it comes to being sick? Lord have mercy.

SOUL: said...

have i mentioned just how MUCH i hate doctors???

did the neb help?? i hope so!

my nephew would get croup so bad when he was little his little blood vessels in his face would bust-- poor baby.

have you tried a steam filled small bathroom? that helps sometimes too.

hope kiddo gets better fast!

greengirlwannabe said...

quick fix? americans? maybe he should move to a 3rd world country where people aren't asking for a quick fix. sounds like he's in the wrong line of work. jerk. thank god you weren't would have really given him a piece of your mind.

CrazyDeb said...

Have two words for you - new doctor.

Karla & Ben said...

I agree with Deb. It's not a "quick fix" when you want your baby to feel better! Jeez.

CrazyDeb said...

How's the patient doing?