Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Silly Side of Sydney

Sydney has always been such a serious kid.
I've always said that she's more mature than I (or is it me?), and more than once I have had to remind her that I am the parent.
So, I love it when I get to see the silly side of Syd.
There is one friend, in particular, who can bring this out in her.
When Alyssa comes over, it's guaranteed that Syd will do something seemingly out of her comfort zone.
I thought I'd share a little dress-up session with you.
(Syd's the secretary/librarian)


C.A. said...

The purple cast makes the whole thing! I love it! :)

greengirlwannabe said...

i'd like to know where syd got those clothes! those aren't from your closet, ee, are they?! :)

Karla & Ben said...

The silly pictures remind me of you. Thanks for sharing them.

CrazyDeb said...

We all need a friend like Alyssa! So glad Syd has one!!