Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hoop, There It Is!

This weekend, braving the cold, HH finally got around to assembling his Christmas present from my parents.
One would think that he would ask his wife (a 37 year old college graduate) to help him with the instructions, but nooooooo...he entrusted this job to his 13 year old, 7th grade daughter.
Smart man!

Where was Reilly? Until Saturday afternoon, she was still sick and in bed.
I tried to get a picture, but she pulled the covers over her head and said, "No, don't...I look fat."
Yeah, all 76 pounds of her;)


SOUL: said...

now that's a real man.. to even bother with instructions? much less..have ANYBODY at all help?
fantastic...and what a cool gift for your family!


hope the ill one feels bettah!

have a great day!

Sniz said...

Remember when we weighed nothing and thought we looked fat? Ah, I miss those days! Your Christmas gift looks awesome!

C.A. said...

HH is looking HOT! :) I adore that you took pictures of your sick child, as I have done the same thing many many times. :)

Enjoy the hoop!