Monday, January 07, 2008

Place Your Bets

Reilly: Mom, can I sleep in your room tonight?
Me: If you sleep in my room, you won't get much sleep.
Reilly: Well, I guess that's the chance I'll have to take. I can always sleep in tomorrow and go to school after gym.
Me: Is there a reason that you want to skip gym?
Reilly: May---be
Me: You like gym. What's up?
Reilly: We start square dancing tomorrow. The boys are being all silly about it.
Me: Has anyone asked you to dance?
Reilly: May---be
Me: Don't hold out on me...who is it?
Reilly: Well, he didn't actually ask me...he had someone else ask me.
Me: Who?
Reilly: Brandon*
Me: Well, what did you say?
Reilly: I said 'maybe'.
Me: You know that it took a lot of courage for him to ask you. Couldn't you just dance with him?
Reilly: (exasperated) Mom, there's a bet riding on it.
Me: What????
Reilly: Yeah, the boys are all betting money on which girls will say 'yes' and which
girls will say 'no'.
Me: Then that changes everything.
Reilly: Yeah, boys are soooo stupid.

I just hope she continues to feel this way when she's sixteen!

*Name changed to protect the innocent


Household Executive said...

I remember these days! Is she old enough for Cotillion, or however you spell that, yet?

LaurieJo said...

That's hilarious! Boys are so stupid.

SOUL: said...

"boys are stupid let's throw rocks at them"
stolen from a bumper sticker...


Bizzie B said...

Tell her not to give in! There's something about "girl power" at that age. =)

Sniz said...

Reilly, you go girl! Boys that age ARE stupid. Oh wait. When, exactly, does that change?

Anonymous said...

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