Monday, January 21, 2008

Dream Job

Secretly, I have always wanted to be a team mascot or a character at Disney.
Dressing up as a rabbit several years ago at church is the closest I have ever come to living this fantasy.
I love the anonyminity of a can act as crazy as you want, and nobody can give you crap about it;)
What would you secretly like to do if you could????


Sniz said...

I'd never thought about it, but now that you bring it up, it WOULD be fun!

greengirlwannabe said...

this is so true! you have always talked about being the mascot!

Bizzie B said...

That cracks me up! But you make a good point. I'm sad to say I've never had the opportunity to dress up as a mascot...but maybe someday! If I could do a dream job for a day, it would have to be running my own clothing boutique. A...I love clothes, and be my own boss, how great! Household Exec and I should make this dream a reality!

Biddy said...

i tried out for mascot in high school (we had a male and female cougar) and i was this close to getting it! argh

but, honestly, i've ALWAYS wanted to be a famous country singer....

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Actually...I've been doing it for the last couple of years. I get to serve others in our church "behind the scenes" and then watch their reactions as they get blessed.

It is a really cool feeling to watch God work in someone's life, know you had something to do with it, and they may never know it was you. Way cool.

And...I get to go become Alpha Dude tonight.


CrazyDeb said...

Ahhh, next time we need someone to dress up as the Good Neighbear I'm calling YOU!!!! Hasn't your dad ever had you do that for a parade or anything?

What would I do? Give money secretly to those who need it. Last year I was able to make it possible for one person to go on one of our mission trips with out them knowing. Listening to them try to figure out who did it and what it meant to them was the best.

OR, go to the airport and greet people who have no one there to greet them. Walking past security when arriving home and seeing other being hugged and welcomed by family and friends when you have no one there is difficult. Yep, I'm strange!

C.A. said...

I think I'd want to be a clown. They get away with everything and people laugh even if theyre annoyed!