Friday, January 04, 2008

Dem Bones

On Wednesday night, Reilly had her first indoor soccer practice of the season. I brought Baby J. along, but left Syd and Griff at home (Steve was on his way back from a meeting in St. Louis).
I noticed that Reilly looked a bit slow and clumsy out on the field. I figured she was going through a growth spurt. During one of the drills, she tripped over her feet but got up and continued to play. A few minutes later, the coach had them dribble the ball up to the middle of the field and then back peddle to the starting point. Again, she tripped...this time tearing up and grabbing her wrist as she got up.
I figured that she was crying because she was embarrassed about the fall. She continued on with the practice, clutching her left arm. About 15 minutes later, I saw her walk over to one of the coaches on the sideline. I motioned her over.
She was crying and still clutching her arm.
I had one of the mothers who was a nurse, take a look at her. She wasn't sure if there was a break, but encouraged me to take her to the ER. The owner of the facility also took a look at it. He took me aside and said that he was pretty sure there was a break.
I had to steady myself, since I tend to pass out in these situations:o Yeah, I'm a real rock;)
After I got myself together, some parents helped us out to the car and we left for the ER.
Now, Reilly is no stranger to the ER...she has had 2 prior broken bones (her collarbone from another soccer accident and a broken bone in her foot from falling off the monkey bars at a friend's house). She started freaking out about the X-rays. She just knew that they were going to be moving her arm to get the pictures, and it was going to be painful.
To make a long story short, Reilly had a green stick break of her Radius at her wrist. She will be in a cast for about a month and will be able to resume all activity then.
Unfortunately, she is a lefty (though she throws and bats with her her right hand).
Fortunaely, she's pretty good with her right hand, so this really shouldn't be too hard on her.
She returned to school today.
I, however, spent the day in bed recovering from this traumatic event.

This photo was taken Wednesday night after returning from the ER. Reilly went right over to play with Baby J.

On Thursday, our appointment with the pediatric orthopedist was at 2:30. We didn't actually see him until 4:45. Reilly came up with some really creative ways to pass the time...

At 5:00, she was FINALLY casted. She chose purple to match her soccer uniform...



Jahooni said...

My daughter jumped off her bed 2 days before Easter last year and broke her foot. She was playing in her room with a friend. I noticed that evening that she was being quiet and she never said anything... the next day she played T-Ball with a BROKEN FOOT! Her Daddy noticed that she wasn't running and kinda limping around the bases. That afternoon her ankle was TOTALLY swollen and she said that it hurt but only a little bit. The next morning was Easter Sunday and her foot was HUGE! We went to urgent care that instant and sure enough she had broken it while jumping off her bed two days prior. She was afraid to say anything because she remembered the song " Five Little Monkeys Jumping Off The Bed". KIDS!!!!!!!!!
Hope your little one heals quickly and gets back into the game. REMIND HER TO NOT JUMP OFF BEDS! OR PLAY TO HARD!

theotherbear said...

4 weeks isn't too bad, and at least it isn't summer - casts in summer are so hot and itchy. She looks pretty brave about it all!

C.A. said...

Erin, thanks for posting those pics of Reilly...I showed them to Abigail so she knows I am not the only Mom who ALWAYS has a camera and takes pictures of EVERYTHING. (When she broke her nose, I took pictures in the E.R....and when she had her surgery, I documented her whole journey in pictures, much to her embarrassment.)

My position is that indoor soccer is the devil! My gosh, it just moves so FAST compared to outdoor! It's pretty exciting to watch though! I hope Miss Reilly heals quickly and with very little pain.

CrazyDeb said...

I always knew R had good taste and to pick a purple cast just proves it! Hope she heals quickly. She's so much braver than her mother - oh wait, I didn't mean to say that. :o) Seriously, hope you both recouperate quickly.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

She may not be unbreakable, but she is resilient!
Awesome kid you got there, Mom!


Sniz said...

What a trooper and I love her purple cast. So what exciting tidbits about bunions did she learn?

Household Executive said...

glad she is doing okay!

isn't it ridiculous how long it takes to get into the DR. oh it just frosts me how long you have to wait for them. and, they move you like cattle from waiting cell to waiting cell just to make you feel like you are getting closer. but in reality the dr. has no intention of seeing you for another hour. can you tell it really gets to me?!