Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last Ho Ho Ho post of 2007

I promise that this will be my last "Ho Ho Ho" post (at least for 2007).

The girls and I were in the car and had just left the mall where Sydney had purchased her new Santa earrings. I told them that I realized that I had been joking alot about being "ghetto" and about the "Ho", but did they actually know what a "Ho" was?
Sydney said that a boy at school called a girl a "Ho". She went on to say that she thought a "Ho" was a girl who dated lots of boys.
I was quiet for a moment before telling her that that wasn't quite right. "Ho" is a derrogatory term for a girl who has sex with lots of different boys.
I opened myself right up for this conversation:o
I went on..."God designed..." Syd cut me off. She continued, "I know. I know. God designed sex to be a beautiful, fun act of love between two married people."
I went on, "You know, just because a girl..." Syd cut me off again. She'd been down this path before. She continued, "Just because a girl has sex before she's married, it doesn't make her a bad girl. It makes her a girl who's making some bad decisions."
All those teachable moments (made possible thanks to the television) have been paying off. You see, I don't want kids growing up to be the stereotypical judgemental Christians. Above all else, I want them to know that people matter to God...ALL people...even (and especially)the "Hos".

Ok, sermon over. In my next post, I promise to talk about a REALLY important poop!


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

That is so cool.

You are doing an awesome job there Mom. Keep up the good work.
(If you don't mind, I may use this post as a teaching tool for someone I know).

Okay, I'm ready for a good "Poop" story now.


JamalT said...

Yeah, because everyone wants to hear you talk about your dookey.

Jahooni said...

found your blog from slacker mommy and i love HO HO posts. great blog.

Gayle said...

Great job! Teach them early so they are prepared when they have to make the choices. I love that they "aren't bad girls, just girls making bad decisions." SO good!

theotherbear said...

What a fantastic mum you are!

greengirlwannabe said...

im impressed! with you but also your daughter. she is a sweet girl!

CrazyDeb said...

So many parents let the teaching moments slide by - I'm thankful that you don't and that they're listening. Thank you, too, for teaching them that people matter and that they aren't bad, the decisions are. You are awesome!

SOUL: said...

you win the mother of the year award!!!!!
ummm, make that decade!!!
want to foster parent MY kid for the next year or two? :)) (kidding)
she's a good kid, she just knows EVERYTHING already. soooo unteachable, it makes conversations kinda difficult ya know.
happy friday!

Household Executive said...

Great opportunity! She has got it down! I love how you added the "not a bad girl, just bad choices" part of the birds and bees talk...what an important aspect! I sure hope I remember that when it is my time for "the talk"!

Amy P said...

That is why God gave you girls and I have boys. You really know the right things to say. I'm impressed. If I have a girl this time, I may just need a book from you.

mistihollrah said...

Wow! I got goose bumbs when I read Syd's response!

Anonymous said...

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Sniz said...

This is a great post. I couldn't agree more!