Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chop Chop

(Fast forward this clip to 2:30 and start there)

When people find out that HH is taking TaeKwonDo, everyone always asks if it's like the Seinfeld episode where Cramer is the only adult in his Karate class and is whoopin' up on all the kids.
Yes, HH is the only adult in his class. It's so darn cute to see him surrounded by the little ones. I've yet to see him whoop up on any of them yet, but I guess it could happen;)
A few weeks ago while the girls were playing in the 3v3 soccer tourney, HH and Griff traveled to KC to compete in their first tournament.
Griffin's age group was first. While he did better than expected, he did not place in the top three. Luckily, though, he received a plaque for his efforts.
He did see people walking around with cool dragon trophies and he wanted one. So, he told his dad to win him one of those.
It was a tall effort for HH, but he did exactly that. He placed second in his age group...he delivered!

Last Friday night, HH and the kids attended their first actual board breaking class. I'm so glad I was truly exciting to see!

Look at the instructor. Doesn't he remind you of Scott Baio?
The night was not without injuries...

I am definitely NOT a foot person:( HH is getting a pedicure for Christmas;)

What in the heck are we going to do with all of these????


Dana said...

My feet and hands hurt just looking at those pictures!

Congrats to both your men!

Amy P said...

I have my LJ at another place in town cuz I'm cheap. Your's looks pretty rockin. I hate to see your bill every month. It's like a small mortgate payment I bet.

Sniz said...

Are you telling me that's NOT Scott Baio? WOW. I've never seen such a dead-on look alike in my life! The Seinfeld clip is hilarious. I thought I'd seen all the episodes but I don't think I've seen that one.

Mike S said...

Damn. My instructor was a wrinkly old Japanese guy, but, since it was in Tokyo it was to be expected. Very impressive. I always found they make great firewood:)

SOUL: said...

that is waaaaay tOO kool. kudos kiddos

and i either see a nice fire for christmas--- or maybe a birdhouse??? (with the wood)

wussup? i'm baaaaack.

ConservaChick said...

This is great! I think I'm gonna make my husband take classes ('cause he'd look so cute in the outfit). The Martial Arts instructor in our town looks like an washed up, overweight Steven Segal. How did you get so lucky? ~K

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Very nice.
You should feel very safe.

Robyn said...

Very cool!

anna said...

Oh, I've got my own karate master myself! Great pics.

Krista said...

My neice at 10 yrs just did the same thing last weekend. Now my whole family wants to take classes. I just found your blog on 5MFM. I love your Profile description... I guess I am not by myself! I love the music too.. I kept your site up for a while just to listen to the songs.. Great site.

SOUL: said...

ok...where are you hiding?
olly olly oxen free!
where in the heck did that ever come from anyhow???
geesh...and why did i just think of it for the first time in thirty years???
hope all is well over there.
email me about that one thing you told me about. i think that is GREAT!
sorry i didnt write back--and now--well my email is a MESS.
happy monday!