Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Communing With Nature?????

This past weekend, Sydney had her final soccer tournament in KC. At the last tournament (in Springfield), HH thought that I had spent too much money on non-essentials, so he decided to make this trip with her.
It was the perfect opportunity for Griff to have his friend, G, over to spend the night. Reilly and I took advantage of this by renting a few movies and dragging out the scrapbook supplies.
It was great bonding time for Reilly and I, but we were continually interrupted by loud screams and the patter of big feet running through the house above us. That, and non-stop requests for food and drinks from these hungry boys.
By Saturday morning, Reilly and I decided that we needed to get these boys out of the house to run off some of their end-less energy. We loaded into my Tahoe and headed out to Rockbridge State Park.
At the entrance to the trail we were going to take, there were 3 boys playing in the creek. One of them kept shouting, "We're killing tadpoles...it's so much fun!"
I was a little horrified. The woman standing there with them did not say or do a thing. Finally, Griffin said, "I don't know what's so fun about killing tadpoles." Disgusted, he then turned and started up the trail.
It was a proud moment for mom.
Reilly let me take lots of photos of her, and the boys went ahead of us running, screaming & climbing on everything in sight. I felt sorry for those people who were out to peacefully commune with nature. The boys made this difficult, if not impossible, for them to do.
I loved it, though...they were having a ball!!!

How did Reilly truly feel about spending time with the two rowdy boys????

I'm off to substitute at the High School...
Wish me luck!!!


An Iowa Mom said...

Looks like fun. Beautiful weekend!!

Subbing where ... Hickman or Rockbridge? I graduated from Hickman ... way back when.

Jamie said...

The pictures are gorgeous. I love this time of year!

Terri and Bob said...

It looks like you all were communing with nature! I love the photos. I am impressed that you do HS subbing... it would be a nightmare for me!

CrazyDeb said...

I swear R gets more beautiful each day! Great pictures - and G looks great with his natural smile. The bonding time is something R will not forget and it's good for the two of you to have time like that together. Hope teaching went well today!

Household Executive said...

awesome pictures!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Great photos!
Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.
Funny that you didn't mention anything about bringing those rowdy boys home.