Friday, October 19, 2007

Who's The Adult Here?

In gym class yesterday, a very large boy fell on Sydney while playing flag football causing her to roll her ankle. When I picked her up after basketball practice, she was limping and complaining about the pain. I took a look at was bruised, but not very swollen. She thought that it would be best to forgo soccer practice to give her ankle a rest, since she has a tournament this weekend. I had carpool duty, so I went ahead and drove the girls to the soccer fields.
Once we got there, I told Sydney to get out and tell her coach that she wouldn't be practicing with the team. She told me that her shoes were off and that her ankle was throbbing. I turned to Jordan (one of the girls in the carpool) and asked her to tell the coach why Sydney would be missing practicing. This irritated Sydney, and she asked me if I was scared of her coach.
"Well, maybe" I sheepishly replied (Truth be known, I'm a little intimidated by him).
She groaned and said, "You are the adult, mom. Get out there and act like one."
Is it possible that my 13 year old is actually a grown woman in disguise????


Kellie said...

Is it wrong that I laughed (out loud) at her comment?

Hope her ankle is alright!!

An Iowa Mom said...

Hope her ankle is better for the tournament this weekend.

Just between you and me ... and Bloggyville of course ... I make my kids do things I should be doing myself ALL THE TIME! :)

Terri and Bob said...

I laughed, too, but more because I would have tried the same thing on my DD.

SOUL: said...

geesh. i'd still trade ya...
for a while :))

kidding..i'm kidding,

i do hope her ankle is ok.. of course , swollen, it doesn't fit in her mouth as well.

take care
happy weekend!

CrazyDeb said...

Wait a minute - I thought people had kids so they could do things for their parents or things the parents didn't want to do. Isn't that their main purpose? If not, guess it's good I didn't have any because that's what I'd be doing. Geesh - spoil my dream world.

Actually S is a beautiful, intelligent young woman - do what she says. Hope her ankle is better!!

Biddy said...

ah crap...i hate it when they pull that more-mature-putting-you-in-your-place crap...

damn kids hehe

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. (3 John 4)

You are raising her well.
Hope she's feeling better.
You too.


theotherbear said...

ha - that's funny. she sounds like such a sensible thing :)