Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Seven & A Half

1. I have the flu and have not been out of the house since Thursday morning, when I took the kids to school. I've been running a fever and have literally felt like crap. I can tell HH is irritated with me...he's had to run the kids everywhere. I'm sure he feels like a single parent. Is the flu grounds for divorce?????
2. I called Aunt Debbie this morning and asked if she could take Reilly to the mall to buy her a couple of pairs of jeans. Frankly, I don't understand how she is able to breathe in her current ones. They are skin tight and on the brink of being high waters. She hasn't complained and this frightens me a little...they can't be comfortable, so I'm wondering if she likes the way they look:o
She's also in desperate need of tennis shoes. We bought her last pair in July and they are already worn out. I wonder how much this little excursion is going to set us back...are Shox still popular??
3. While Aunt Debbie was on the phone, she told me that she saw some of my friends and their kids at church last night. She heard a small voice behind her trying to get her attention saying, "Aunt Debbie, Aunt Debbie."
All of my friends and their kids call her Aunt Debbie. My kids just call her Debbie...go figure.
4.Speaking of jeans...I found the absolute PERFECT pair. My friend, Amy, came by the other day and had on the coolest, most slenderizing jeans. I had been shopping recently and had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to spend a fortune on a pair that didn't make me look like a pear....and that is no small feat.
Anyway, I had to have those jeans, so I asked her where she got them. I about fell out of my chair when she said Old Navy. I have never had good luck with jeans from that store. She also said that they run big and that she bought a size smaller than she normally wears.
I think I heard angels singing at this point.
I couldn't get to Old Navy fast enough. I took 2 pairs into the dressing room- one in my typical size, and one a size smaller. They were the most flattering jeans that I've had on in years. I bought them both for $24.50 each. Did you hear what I said...$24.50. For those of you women out there who are interested, they are called the Sweetheart classic rise, boot-cut, stretch jean. Don't worry, classic does not mean up-to-your-bellybutton-mom-front butt-jeans. They sit below the bellybutton, but are definitely not too low. You can bend over, and nobody will see your crack. Can you ask for anything more?
5. My FIL turned 65 this weekend. My MIL had a party for him on Saturday night in JC.
I missed a dinner of Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, Escargot (????), apple pie, and chocolate shakes. Sydney actually tried an Escargot. About the experience she said, "I couldn't look at it when I ate it (shivers), but it was ok, I guess." Reilly kept saying, "Ewwww" when I asked her about it. Griffin, apparently was oblivious to this delicacy...didn't even know it was on the table.
I guess this is to be expected of kids who dine regularly on McDonald's Chicken McNuggets:o
My FIL is definitely a keeper. Even at age 65, he still gets up at 4:00am to make hospital rounds before seeing his regular patients in the office, though he does take some time during the week to go golfing (his passion). He also loves fine dining (i.e. the reason for the Escargot), electronics, and Jazz music.
Happy birthday, FIL!!!!!

(FIL & his mom- aren't they adorable?)
6. Since I was unable to attend the festivities, I sent my camera along with HH with strict instructions to take tons of pictures. He took 12. He blamed it on having to leave twice to take Syd to her soccer games. Yeah, likely story.
7. On their way home last night, HH and the girls stopped off at a local restaurant.
HH's college fraternity brothers were in town for a Beta anniversary celebration. I warned HH beforehand that nobody else would have their children there, but he insisted on taking them, saying that they would only be staying a short time. Afterwards, the girls walked into the house going on and on about this pretty blond woman who they talked to the entire time. My "old girlfriend" radar started going off, and I asked them if her name was J_____. They didn't know, so Reilly ran down and asked her dad. He confirmed that it was. I told them that their dad dated this girl right before he started dating me. Then, I started in with the questions... What did she look like? (She had long blond hair) Was she pretty? (Yeas. She was REALLY pretty) Was she skinny? (Yes, very skinny) Was she skinnier than me? (Well, she was REALLY little. She took off her jacket and she had muscles. I think she teaches aerobics. My worst nightmare But, you look good, too. Don't you work out like once a month?) What was she wearing? (A really cool camo jacket, a tank, and cool pointy shoes). Was she nice? (Yes, very nice.) What did you talk about? (She asked us questions about our sports).
Sydney then made a profound observation..."You're jealous, aren't you mom?"
Me: "Nooooooo, I'm not."
Sydney: (yelling) "Hey, Dad, mom's jealous!"
Me: "I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I'm sick. My hair is greasy. I have a huge zit on my chin. I haven't showered in a day and a half. I'm 15 pounds heavier than I would like to be and flabby. I'm in sweatpants and am wearing no makeup. And, you guys are telling me that your Dad's old girlfriend is a total babe."
Reilly: "It's ok, Mom. We still love you."
7 1/2: Good news. Aunt Debbie just came to pick up Reilly and told me that she just got off the phone with my dad. When he found out that Reilly needed new clothes and shoes, he offered to foot the bill. Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!


theotherbear said...

I wish we had different clothing shops here. I always buy jeans when in the states - so much more variety. Unfortunately I am a couple of sizes larger than last time I was there so none of mine fit any more.
Oh, and exes? Should be put on an island or something.

CrazyDeb said...

So sorry you are sick! Hope you get past this very soon.

She probably likes the jeans that way because they "look good".

I hate buying jeans.

Your FIL and his mom are really cute - just like his son.

It was good to see your parents and Debbie last night.

Ex's stink! The most important thing to remember is YOU ended up with HH and he's crazy about you! Mainly because you're a beautiful, funny, talented woman!!!

Household Executive said...

Okay, the part about the ex-girlfriend is cracking me up. I was literally LOL. I would have done the exact same thing! I have the stomach yuck now. Been lounging around the house yesterday and today. The "spells" that I have been having are either migraines or seizures. Been seeing a neurologists to try and get it figured out.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Okay, yeah, sure....BUT...he married YOU.

And YOU are who he comes home to every night.

I think he made the right choice.

I do hope you are feeling better.


mistihollrah said...

I'm heading out right now to check out those jeans. I'm tired of wearing the same jeans!