Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Schweddy Celebration

I can't believe that it's been an entire week since I last posted.
I'm not exactly sure's not like there hasn't been anything happening.
Writing and reading lately has not been a priority, though.
I'm hoping to change that. I've missed reading my blogs...finding out what's going on in my cyber friends' (is that apostrophe in the right place?) lives...

Last Friday, we (the Schweddy's) had our final kickball game of the season. We played the only other undefeated team in our bracket. The Schweddy's were again victorious. The final score was 12-2...they ended the game due to the mercy rule.
A few of our regulars were AWOL, so we had to bring in some substitutes (ringers). They thought they were in for a nice casual game of kickball. They were surprised to see how aggressively and competitively these games are played.
I even pulled out my new pitch for this last game. I called it The Shocker;)
One of the opposing team members asked Matt (one of our players) how we got the name for our team. He told her that it was from an old Saturday Night Live skit. He was promptly told that we should change the name, because it was vulgar. Matt said, "noted" and moved on.
We got a good laugh out of this...that girl should have seen the first draft of our t-shirts three years ago:o I might have to ask Matt to send me a copy to was hilarious and truly vulgar;)

Poor Julie hasn't been able to play for the past few weeks. I didn't tell you, but she had an unfortunate accident playing Mom's soccer. They think she broke her right arm when she was shoved against the wall during an aggressive play. (Yeah, the mom's like to play rough).
She had to have surgery to repair the break...she came out of it with a plate and four screws. She's had to learn to do everything with her left arm.
Can you imagine putting on makeup with your non dominant hand???? Or wiping?????
That's crazy!
I knew there was a reason that I stopped playing last year...

Ok, you got me...I stopped playing purely because I'm lazy, not for fear of injuring myself:o I will share with you my kickball injuries which I recieved when I slid into 3rd base...
You're feeling pretty sorry for me, aren't you? ;)

Anyway, after the Schweddy game, Sydney had an 8:00pm soccer game at a nearby field.
Her team wound up taking first in their division of the weekend tournament. I don't think Reilly's placed, but they only lost 2-0 to an incredible local team (last time is was 8-1). They were ecstatic!
The girls will both be playing in a Springfield tournament this weekend. HH and Griff are still trying to decide whether or not to go with us.
I have been craving Subway all week, so I have decided that I am going to eat it every meal. I could actually go for a turkey and cheese right now, and it's only 8:00am.

I'll leave you with a picture of Reilly. She got into my makeup the other night and went CRAZY with the blush. I just know I'm going to have to monitor her closely during those teen years or she'll wind up looking like a clown:o Moderation, Reilly...Moderation!


Anonymous said...

I think the name of the team is hysterical!!

Julie? With the broken arm? She looks like too young to be playing in a Mom's soccer league! Then again, you look too young to have kids as old as your's! What the hell is in your water?! And, more importantly, why don't I have it in MY water?! :)

Ouch on your injury!

I had Subway last night--veggie with oil and vinegar. Now? I want another one and it's only 9:30am!

Sniz said...

Wow, an adult kickball league? Sign me up. That's a sport I can actually play well enough to be competitive! Girl, you are so pretty...and young! I turn 39 Friday and I'm not happy about it.

Sniz said...

Oh, glad you're back.

Dana said...

That last picture reminds me of when I was on the 5th grade drill team. The afternoon of our spring performance a friend of mine and I put blush on our legs and tried to convince everyone that we spent the day in the sun and got sunburned. I don't think anyone believed us!

Terri and Bob said...

Missed hearing from you. I, too have been craving subway and there is one right around the corner from work. Might have to stop there for dinner tonight since I have a board meeting tonight.

BOSSY said...


Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

And, I am NOT looking forward to the day when Elise discovers makeup!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Welcome back.

Congrats on the win.

Hope you heal up soon.


theotherbear said...

Sounds dangerous. I knew there was a reason I don't play much sport, and to think I'd always thought it was because I'm lazy.
The blushing Reilly cracked me up. What happened to 'Less is More'!

Oh, The Joys said...

Wiping with the other hand? I'm not sure I could do it.

CrazyDeb said...

Haven't seen Julie or her daughter in a while and just could not get over how much her daughter looks like her.
Your leg - OW! If you were a guy you'd be hoping for some good scars.
Reilly - I thought she was sunburned until I read it. She's adorable!
Love ya!!

CrazyDeb said...

OH! SO glad you are back!!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

That name is terrific! Your injury! I DO feel sorry for you! And the blush! When I saw the pic before reading, I thought she had a sunburn!

SOUL: said...

i can't remember everything i wanted to comment on now.. do i ever?
anyhow.. the knee, made my empty stomach churn. then the subway made my empty stomach growl.
the arm and surgery sounds really bad. it sure sucks to get hurt while having fun eh? course,l who gets hurt doing nuthing? hmm
ummm... oh the make-up.. yep. be glad she's just playin right now---and hope that GOTH is out for good. geesh. i had to go thru all that punk and goth and emo crap... what's next?
i guess i'm just glad she's pretty normal these days.

ok.. that's about all i remember.
oh ya..duh... congrats!!! schweddys'!!!
LOL @ the prude too.