Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Lesson In Ghetto

A couple of weekends ago, Reilly was playing soccer in a small town about 45 minutes away. We had some time to kill, so a group of us decided to meet up for lunch.
Our first stop was KFC. While we were waiting for our orders, we discovered a tattoo machine. These were not your cute little heart and rose tattoos, either.
These were big ole skulls, serpant with daggers, barbed wire tattoos. There were also some religious ones. I was hooked...had to have myself one of these puppies.
Everyone got into the spirit, and pretty soon we were all gathered around the machine with our quarters.
We headed over to Subway to get lunch for the adults and to apply our new purchases. We ate our sandwiches, discussed our new body art, and came to the conclusion that we needed more tattoos.
We exchanged our dollars for quarters and headed back to KFC...then over to Taco Bell (we had heard that there were some "not-so-ghetto" tattoos over there:o
I have never had so much fun wasting 2 hours in a small town (what does that say about me?)
Anyway, the next day Sydney was playing soccer in Fulton. I had scrubbed off my bicep tattoo, but had kept the one on my calf.
Me: How does it feel to have a mom who's ghetto?
Syd: You are NOT ghetto.
Me: How can you say that? I am totally ghetto now. Look at my tattoo.
Syd: (exasperated)You are not ghetto. You need to stop.
Me: If I want to be ghetto, I can be ghetto. (Yeah, I'm mature)
Syd: (she's ticked now) Mom, I don't want you writing about this on your blog (oops) or telling people that you are ghetto. What if someone has a tattoo, and hears you saying that tattoos are ghetto? You'll offend them, and make them feel bad for having a tattoo.

She totally put me in my place.
I was totally kidding about tattoos being ghetto. At different times in my life, I have considered getting one...I could never decide on what to get or where to put it, though.
I was trying to be funny.
And, while trying to be funny, I was being hurtful. I was not thinking about how my words might be hurtful to someone else (the story of my life).
It's funny how life works, isn't it? As a parent, I've always considered myself the teacher. In this instance, though, I saw the compassion and wisdom in my daughter, and realized that I have alot to learn from her.

My joy, Elsa...seeing grace through the eyes of my child. Is there anything more awesome than that? I don't think so:)


Terri and Bob said...

No, there is nothing more awesome than seeing our future is secure and loving through the eyes of a child.

I want a tatoo too!

Household Executive said...

confession...i have a tatoo! a star on my lower back. they guy that did it though put it way lower than i wanted. it doesn't even show in a swimsuit. which i am sure i will appreciate when i am 50. but wait, will i still be wearing a bikini then? NO, i don't even wear one now. :)

Sniz said...

Thanks for sharing this story. I can totally see getting into the tattoos...I can picture the conversation with your daughter, then you wrapped it up so wisely. But a lot of it cracked me up because my daughter (10) always says, "Mom! You better not write about this in your blog!" Then she reads it occasionally to check and make sure I'm not embarrassing her. (Or anyone else in the family.) But the kids say and do things to make me stop and think all the time. It's humbling and stretching and makes me grow when that happens.

Dana said...

You are so much better than I am. I would have continued to argue because what if "ghetto" is the new "cool"? Then by saying "ghetto" you are actually complimenting people with tatoos.

(if this made no sense, I blame it on the cold medicine)

BOSSY said...

Bossy is addicted to Miami Ink - don't even talk with her about tattoos, she plans her's all the time.

imaeskimo said...

Oh...I am glad she said that...lol...remember, my story about my full tattoo and my husbands...1/4 outline cause he passed out twice? hmmm...I do wish that it hadn't been on my shoulder. lol

Amy P said...

You've done good! You know she listened or learned for your example at somepoint....but hey...dagers and skulls can pass for trash in my book. Nothing too artistic about that.

Robyn said...

WOW! Is all I can say...one smart kiddo there! But your a pretty treffic mom too! ;)

SOUL: said...

you are all great there at the EE house... kudos to the girl...

but... i suppose i am ghetto? i have TWO tats.. big gawdy ugly tats..that i have wanted removed for the past ten years... donations anyone? (joking..i'm stuck with them)
anyhow..have a happy humpday girly...
you ghetto chick you!

That Chick Over There said...

Your kids rock! And so do you!

Anonymous said...

I have two...a sunburst on my lower back and an angel with a devil horn poking through her halo on my left shoulder blade.

I thought you saying you were ghetto was rather funny :)

Biddy said...

you are ghetto fabulous!! hehe

i have a tattoo and thought you saying you were ghetto was hilarious! and yes, there are some ghetto tattoos out there!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...