Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Our Life

I love to complain about how busy we are, but secretely, I love it:o
Just to give you a taste of what our week looks like...
Monday: Sydney basketball, Reilly soccer, Griff & HH TaeKwonDo
Tuesday: Sydney basketball, Sydney soccer
Wednesday: Sydney basketball, Reilly softball double-header (last one...yeah), Griff & HH TaeKwonDo
Thurdsay: Sydney basketball, Sydney & Reilly soccer, Erin bible study
Friday: HH & Erin kickball double-header; Griffin, Reilly, HH TaeKwonDo
Saturday: Griffin, Reilly, HH TaekwonDo, Reilly 2 soccer games, church
Sunday: Sydney two soccer games in city 2 hours away

Stay tuned for my next post: A Lesson On Ghetto:o


Hoto said...

football is a nice sport and it´s very popular in german. we just won the world cup. go germany . lol

SOUL: said...

i would die by mid week!

Household Executive said...

girlfriend...that makes me tired just reading it. although i bet if i typed ours out it would come close to that.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Oh my....

What will you do with all that free time??