Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ferrets and More...

-Reilly wants a ferret...what the heck?
Every time we go past Petco, she begs to go look at those (creepy) furry little animals.
I can promise you that as long as she's in our house, this animal will not cross my door step. I tell her, though, that whenever she has a house of her own, she can have as many ferrets as she wants.
-I've mentioned Griffin's past in previous posts. He did not babble as a baby, and has been in speech therapy since he was 2 years old. He has the unofficial diagnosis of being "Apraxic". They did not want this label to follow him around for the rest of his life, so this diagnosis is not in his files.
I've always worried that this would affect his academic success. Until now, his teachers had assured me that he was not having any difficulties in the classroom. Although I hate to compare him to the girls, sometimes it's impossible not to.
He came home with a story web that he had completed at school. I guess he had read his writing to the teacher, because she had written the correct spellings above his attempts. There were a few sight words that he had spelled correctly, but he wasn't even in the ballpark with the others. Steve came in later and asked if I had seen Griffin's paper and asked if it was normal for a typical 2nd grader. I told him that I didn't think it was, and that I was going to go back through the girls' 2nd grade folders to compare.
I went in to talk to his teacher the next day. She told me that she was also concerned, because he didn't seem to be able to correctly identify sounds in words (with the exception of the initial sounds). She asked me to talk to his speech teacher, and she suggested a hearing test before we proceed with formal testing.
Griffin has had several of these, so I'm sure this is not the problem. Now, selective hearing is another thing, but every kid suffers from that.
Anyway, the school nurse promised to test him this week, and we will go from there.
If there is a problem, I'd like to get started now instead of waiting until the 3rd or 4th grade, when he is REALLY behind.
Griff's paper...

Syd's writing sample (Nov. of 2nd grade)

Reilly's writing sample (mid year- 2nd grade)

-Sydney made the varsity basketball team. We were all shocked, because she has never played organized basketball. She was surprised and ecstatic with the outcome. She, too, had also pretty much resigned herself to the fact that she'd be playing JV.
-I had another MRI and EEG and will let you know the results a little later when I have time to write more...


SOUL: said...

my girl has been beggin me to get her a ferret since she was ten years old .. that would be three years... so.. i wouldn't hold my breath, if i were you. she won't take no for an answer.. but those things stink! and i too refuse to have one in my house.
so, good luck with that :))

as for griff.. wow. how's his eye sight? not dyslexic? i hope that gets all figured out. he is obviously an intelligent kid... so hopefully they can figure that out. i sure don't know what to tell ya. maybe one of your other readers haS seen this before?

anyhow.. hope your havin a great day otherwise.


That Chick Over There said...

A ferret! OMG!

I love the writing samples. Looks a lot like the Boy Child's.

Also? I think I accidentally deleted your comment from this morning and I wanted to say sorry! I was trying to delete an anonymous one and I got all crazy up in here!

Eve said...

Ferrets are SO smelly! Avoid that one, babe.

You have identified the problem. You are working on it.

Every child has their strengths and weaknesses.

If I started to compare MY 2, it would be impossible. THey would indefintiely get put into 2 categories on either end of the spectrum: the Smart One and the Athletic One. My 5 year old STILL can't identify letters, but he can out throw and catch my 8 year old?!

Trying to avoid that...

It will come together for Grif!!

An Iowa Mom said...

Griffin's handwriting and spelling looks a lot like Drew's ... and Drew just turned 7 and is in the 2nd grade. I swear that Emily's (my 3 year old) writing is comparable to Drew's. Maybe it's a BOY/GIRL thing.

I think every child is different.

You're doing the right thing by investigating it further and determining if there is a problem. That's all you can do ... and once you have the findings ... you go from there. :)

Anonymous said...

Ferrets creep me out. A friend has two and they're always running all over his house.

The writing samples are great--even more so that you kept them for the kids to look at when they're older.

Sorry about the issues Griff has. I know everything will work out just fine....he has awesome parents to make sure of it :)

Terri and Bob said...

Ferrets creep me out.

Boys do tend to develop more slowly in the area of written language than girls... his mistakes are typical second grade boy mistakes. I have no doubt that his speech has affected how he hears/produces sounds... his speech teacher should be all over this. She can and should offer you all kinds of things to do with a kid who is having issues with sound identification. THAT'S HER/HIS JOB. You can expect a lot more help in this area from your speech teacher. I'll bet he sees her two times a week for 30 minutes... that can be upped to three times a week, with the third time for writing.

Dana said...

How about a chinchilla? I have one that I would love to give to Reilly. Cage and all!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

He may very well be a genius.


These tests will not be able to detect weirdness, y'know.

Are you okay?

Praying for you.


greengirlwannabe said...

EE- take eve's comments to heart; i think she has a lot of wisdom there; G is highly intelligent & there is A LOT going on upstairs, he just may have a hard time articluating them & trying to sort them out on paper.....don't try to put him into a mold; i know you are just concerned but i truly believe he has bigger and better things in watch.... we may not understand them yet, but in time, we will.....

CrazyDeb said...

I'm glad you don't want to compare G to the girls. Trust me, to be compared to an older sibling and his/her school work is hurtful. You are doing the right thing looking into this now and I believe all will be well. He's a smart kid and just needs the right help.

Congrats to S on making the varsity team! That's a great accomplishment.

R - PLEASE don't get a ferrot! They stink!!

What's with the medical tests? Are you okay? Praying for you!

greengirlwannabe said...

one, more, what in the heck was G's assignment??! It looks way harder than what the girls were doing at that time! :0

theotherbear said...

Hope Griffin's difficulties are overcome with early intervention.
I just loved Reilly's story! How cute!

Amy P said...

Griff is different but simmilar in quality. Griff does write legibly at least. I understand boys are differnt and hope yours and mine grow up to be super integlent and successful.

Anonymous said...

Wow it be nice if you were actually informed on ferrets before you made judgements. I have four and they dont stink. The ones in pet stores are descented. The ones from breeders are the ones that give all ferrets a bad wrap. They have anal glands they make them "poof" when frightened. They are a great pet and your a real bitch if you wont get your daughter one.]

Oh and your kids and they work creeps me our far more than a ferret ever will.