Sunday, September 16, 2007

Webkinz, Schweddy Balls, Contacts, & Misc.

Not sure why I haven't blogged much this week. Ok, I know why I haven't been able to keep up...I've got a new addiction. This addiction is very juvenile, and I'm almost embarrassed to write about it.
But, you guys are my friends...right? You're not going to judge...right?
Oh, go ahead and judge.
I have a Webkinz, and it's controlling my life.
I tell you, this Webkinz thing is like crack for kids.

I talked Reilly into giving me her Google code. It's been all downhill since...
I've been playing games to earn Kinz Cash so that I can furnish my rooms, and send weird gifts to my kids and their friends.
My signature gifts...the cactus and the toilet.
I also love the fact that I can drop 5 or 6 thousand in the matter of minutes.
I'm such a loser.
You all already knew that, though!

Other things happening in my life right now:
- I've been substituting about three days a week. My favorite grades to sub in are kindergarten, 6th grade, and high school. I've decided that I'm not cut out to teach 4th and 5th graders. I'm not sure why, but these ages really bother me in the classroom.
- For the last 4 months, HH and I have been going through the process of becoming foster parents. I don't think I've mentioned it, because it never really seemed like we'd be able to get all of our paperwork, meetings, interviews, physicals, etc. completed. We're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though. The only thing left to complete is the baby/adult CPR classes, which we will be attending on Tuesday and Thursday night this week. These classes are a total of 8 hours. Ugh!!! I'm not looking forward to it, because I'll also be subbing, but Aunt Debbie said that she'd help us out with the kids, so we're going to bite the bullet and go.
The whole family is excited about this endeavor. We're working with Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri a terrific organization...check them out.
We will not be doing the traditional foster parenting, but interim foster care. This means that we will be bringing newborns home from the hospital and they will be staying with us from two weeks to a month...the time that it will take for the paperwork from the courts to be finalized for the adoption. I am so psyched about this...we all are. We get to care for & love on a newborn baby, and then hand them over to parents that, for whatever reason, cannot have children of their own.
I also think that this will be an excellent experience for our family and will bring us even closer together.
At the kids' interview, Reilly asked what we would call the baby...if the baby would come with a name. Our case worker told her that in most cases, the baby would come from the hospital with only baby girl/baby boy Smith, and that we could call the baby whatever we wanted during the time that the baby would be with us.
Reilly said, "Well, if we get a baby boy, I want to name him Noah. I've always liked that name, and will name my baby that if I ever have one." It was soooo cute!
- My Grandmother (mom's mom) is very sick right now. Several weeks ago, she had open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve. She has not recuperated well, and is now in ICU on life support. Two days ago, while my mother was in the room, she coded...she had had a heart attack. Please keep her in your prayers.
- Have you noticed my new banner? Last week, I opened an email from my very talented friend, Tina over at Notes From the Queen, to find it waiting for me. I absolutely love it!!! She should totally open a blog design business...she's that talented! She even came up with a bi-line for me..."the girl's got game!" While I'm not really sure if I have game or not, I know that much of my life resolves around games (soccer, softball, adult kickball), so I think it's appropriate! Thanks again, Tina...I love it!!!!
The Schweddy's are rockin' the kickball field already this fall. We've played and won 2 games so far. Our first game ended 7-1, and we must have had 10 years on the team we were playing. Our second game, on Friday night, we won 18-0. We were on fire!!!! I even made a double play, which shocked the heck out of me!
Not bad for old people, right????
My favorite Schweddy cheer..."We don't play with barbie dolls. We all play with Schweddy Balls. Gooooo Schweddy!"
- Yesterday, Griffin came into my room talking a mile a minute about his family jewels. He was trying to convince me that he had coined that term, and I must have spent 15 minutes trying to convince him that that term had been around a very long time. He finally admitted that he had heard it at his friend, Grant's house (they have 3 boys...enough said). As he was leaving the room, he shouted, "My name's Griffin S-----, and I have BIG BALLS!"
- Sydney got contacts last week. She has refused to wear her glasses for the past year, because she thinks they look stupid on her. It has definitely been an adjustment. She is not able to take them out herself, yet. Luckily, though, HH has been able to help her with this. I don't think that I could get that close to her eye without passing out or poking her or something.
Syd also picked out a pair of new frames. They weren't my first choice, but I don't have to wear them, so I guess that's all right.

- Reilly had two soccer games this weekend in JC. Syd had the weekend off, and went to the Mizzou football game with a friend's family. The girls and I took off for an afternoon of shopping at the mall. I needed some new underwear, and no amount of pleading was going to get them to step foot into Victoria Secret. They even made me hide the bag, so that no one would know that I had shopped there. I wonder when all that will change...I hope never! They can wear white cotton Hanes for the rest of their lives, as far as I'm concerned! I also bought a pair of these, and can't wait to wear them.

- Well, I'm sure I've bored you enough with this post, but before I go, I'm going to leave you with some picts of Reilly playing soccer and fall ball. TTFN


SOUL: said...

she's ALIIIIIVE!!!!

you are definitely NOT a loser.
geesh. you have been one busy woman!!! foster family eh? that is amazing. really. babies? i don't think i could do that. i would get attached and have a hard time letting them go. it takes really special people to do that. i'm proud of you , and your family.
oh.. there ya go.. name a baby after andrew,,,, that would beat the heck out of a fish! :)

and the webkinz thing, that's hilarious! i know someone else who plays that thing too... for the kids. ya suure. how funny. and here i am, i don't even know what it is! i'm sooo behind the times. oh well... talk about a loser.. that would be me. :)

and geesh what else? oh man... your gramma.. i'm really sorry to hear that. i will be praying for her, and all of you too. not easy to deal with, i know.

and.. scweddy balls... again.. LMAO. i remember that SNL skit. that was so funny.
what a name for a team
hey i gotta go dog is sick

Household Executive said...

glad to see you updated us! i was starting to worry about you. hey, we are in the same study at Take TWO! you better be there this subbing thurs!

Robyn said...

Whew! I am bloody exhausted firend and welcome back to the land of the have been missed!

Kellie said...

FINALLY!! An update :)

Awesome on the foster parents thing!!

When I first got contacts at 14, I couldn't put them in or take them out for the first 5 months. My Mom had to. What helped me? NOT using the mirror like they teach you when you get the lenses.

I did notice your new look and it's awesome :)

Dana said...

Love your new design!

I think that is wonderful that ya'll are going to become foster parents. I would love to do that myself but I would want to adopt every one of them myself.

As far as the substituting, I don't blame you for not liking the 4th/5th grade. I had a 5th grader last year and have a 4th grader this year. 9 & 10 year olds are brats. I think 9 & 10 has become the new 13 & 14.

SOUL: said...

ps... gimmee the shoes!!!!

Terri and Bob said...

Adorable shoes.

Busy girl! I will add grandma to my prayers, I hadn't heard.

I haven't heard of webkinz but now I want to try...

Anonymous said...

I love that you're going to be a foster. My friends actually interviewed with Lutheran services and were devestated to learn that if they don't attend a church they have no shot at adopting through them. The state process is very trying and they aren't sure they are ready for the idea of foster to adopt without the guarantee of adoption. I'd love to introduce you to them sometime so they can get a feel for the concept of fostering. My neice was adopted through the state and was a foster to adopt but not everyone gets the easy path they did. And goodness do I love that little girl. It's really pushed me to think that I would love to have an adopted child at some point (if I'm ever even up for more than one). I really commend you on being an interim foster, those are the hardhes to find and the most important. Heh lord knows it might be something to quiet that stupid ticking bio clock thing. Jules

CrazyDeb said...

I've missed you!! Not only do I not get to see you I haven't gotten to read either! WITHDRAWAL! Actually, with all the activities your family is involved in I don't know you ever have time to write!

I've heard of these Webkinz but didn't know what it was. You are not a loser when you are getting to know about and be involved in things your kids are interested in.

Foster parenting/familying!!! What a great thing you are doing. It takes a very special family to be able to welcome a child, love on it, then let it go on to a life they deserve. When I'm in town if there's anything I can do to help just call! Seriously!! I would do anything for you all - except change diapers. That is off limits. But if your kids need rides or anything!

Sorry to hear about Grandmother. It's hard on her, on Darla, on all of you. You are all in my prayers.

T did a great job on the banner!

Schweddy - why doesn't that name surprise me knowing who is on that team! It cracked me up last year and still does.

G - what a guy!! Growing up too fast! Oh, and he was probably kind of shocked that Mom had heard the term family jewels!

S looks great in contacts or her new glasses. I have worn contacts for many years but cannot imagine taking them out of someone else's eyes! Go HH!!

R has so much energy and talent! And really, can you blame her for not wanting to take a chance on her friends knowing Mom wears VS??

Long blog = long comment! Sorry.

Love ya!!

imaeskimo said...

I just love your family! You seem to have a lot going on...not as dull and boring as our house. Jason studies, and writes papers. Bishop plays Wii...and, I do nothing. And, by the way, I do it well...

Biddy said...

awww her glasses are adorable! hehe schweddy balls....i love schweddy balls! hahahaha

Amy P said...

Wow, you've changed. Had I been gone that long?

Gayle said...

Wondered where you were! So excited about the foster thing. We've been thinking about doing this too in some form. Keep us all posted on how it goes. I'd love to hear some insider scoop.

BOSSY said...

Webkinz. Bossy is so jealous she didn't come up with this concept she could spit.

Sniz said...

Loved the pics...I must be a big loser because I've never heard of Webkinz. That is SOOOO cool about the foster parent thing!!!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I have a webkinz too! I play the games when I need a moment of just plain old down time. I then send my kids gifts. They love it!

SOUL: said...

just sayin hello.. looks like i owe you a lot of replies ... i am soo behind in that department.
i got a big fish today tho,
i know you're thrilled about that :))
btw.. i still want the shoes!

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