Friday, September 28, 2007

Put Down The Duckie

Today, my mom told me that Sesame Street is now doing parodies on Desperate Housewives (Desperate House Plants) and Queer Eye For the Straight Guy
(Grouch Eye For the Nice Guy).
I looked all over YouTube, but was unable to find either of them. I came across another of my favorites...the one with Ellen Degeneres (did I spell that right?) and Elmo. Don't you just love Ellen? I think she's a riot!
I'll try to post more tonight after our kickball game. The Schweddy's are 2 and 0. I need to go warm up my pitching arm....


Amy P said...

That's great...Ellen says...'you probably look at good as me' Elmo.

Where you with Julie the other night?

SOUL: said...

i love her..and elmo too. :))
who was her character on finding nemo? that's ME... my senile ya know. :)))

dawn224 said...

They also have Donald Grump, which is pretty funny :)

Sniz said...

Love this. Ellen is great. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I just tagged you for a fun middle name meme over at my blog. Come on over!

Dana said...

Ooh, a walkman? That really shows some age there!